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Sodium - KYC & AML Platform

The most comprehensive suite of KYC & AML products delivered via a single platform.

✔︎ Global ID&V and fraud prevention services

✔︎ Data matching across multiple sources

✔︎ Modular and scalable solution

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Sodium™ is a single API platform serving our complete suite of KYC & AML solutions

Sodium is an innovative platform which enables a multi-pronged approach to utilising a variety of data sources to perform scalable and enhanced KYC, AML and fraud prevention checks.

Whether you’re looking to perform one ID check, or more Sodium makes this easy. All our solutions seamlessly integrate into your website, mobile app or application form via a single API.


Our flagship solution for performing instant and consent-based Digital ID Verification checks across over 177 countries. Profile iD uses the customers’ digital footprint to automate user authentication in sub-5 seconds.

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Using advances in AI technology, BioMatch provides extra levels of security by authenticating a user by performing instant liveness checks.

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BureauMatch combats identity fraud by using independent CRA data sources to perform KYC checks to instantly verify the identity of a user.

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FraudWeb provides an extra level of safety by searching and monitoring customer PII against compromised data on the dark web.

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MobileValidate is designed to perform checks to confirm a phone number is active and legitimate without notifying the number owner.

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Identity checked across multiple data sources

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Verify over 6,000 forms of government-issued identity documents with iDocufy. This flexible solution can be used to perform automated or manual checks.

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Instantly verify an address with UtilityConnect. Address data is checked against 3,500 utility and telecoms providers across the globe.

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Perform PEPs and Sanction checks with PEPCheck. Search against 4.4+ million records of high-risk individuals. Perform ongoing monitoring to alert you if a match is found.

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EmailValidate is designed to perform checks to confirm an email address is active and legitimate without sending it a message.

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The benefits of using our single API, Sodium

One Supplier
Remove the headaches of managing different third-parties.

One Integration
Save time and resource with a
single API integration.

Future-proof your business
Switch-on additional services as
your requirements change.

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Profile iD - Social Authentication

Hello Soda’s Profile iD is the complete ID verification solution for businesses.

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BioMatch - Facial Authentication

BioMatch allows you to make sure that you are verifying the true document holder.

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UtilityConnect - Address Verification

A global, accurate and robust solution to address and location verification.

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