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Risk Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Prevent the risk of fraud for your customers with our global verification solutions.

Our fraud prevention solutions allow you to identify whether your customers’ data is at risk of being on the Dark Web, with additional features including PEPs and sanctions checks, mobile and email verification and risk scores for identity theft/fraud connected to your customers’ data.

Automate Processes

Automate processes

Mobile Verify

Mobile verification

Reduce Fraud

Reduce fraud

Thin Files

Onboard thin files

1. PEP’s & Sanction Checks

Understand risk associated with third-parties to help achieve compliance with anti-corruption legislation and protect your reputation.

Hello Soda access world class content and data sources to carry out stringent PEPs, sanctions & adverse media checks.

We provide both search and ongoing monitoring features to help provide you with confidence in your reputational and risk protection processes.

Peps and Sanction Checks by Hello Soda
Dark Web Checks by Hello Soda
2. Dark Web Checks

Search more than 600 million records on the dark web for your customer’s information and prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place. 

As cyber-crime continues to rise and customer PII becomes compromised in large-scale hacks, how do you know your customer’s PII is being used genuinely?

Hello Soda’s Dark Web API enables you to identify possible targets for ID fraud to prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place.

3. Email & Mobile Verification

Validate your customer’s contact information with email and mobile number validation from Hello Soda.

Confirm your customer’s contact information is active and useable to prevent incorrect data entry and keep your databases free from fraudulent and incorrect information.

Email and Mobile Verification by Hello Soda

How it works

Age Verification Solutions

Stay one step ahead and verify your customers’ age with a robust solution.

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Global KYC and AML checks

Know your customers like never before with Hello Soda’s identity verification solutions.

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Address & Location Verification Checks

Leverage global utility data from over 3,000 providers for address and location verification.

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