Marketing Personalisation

Truly understand your customers, and their unique characteristics

Gain a true understanding of your customers with Hello Soda’s global marketing solutions and uplift your click-through rates by up to 12%.

Our engine analyses all of the available data points from a customer’s digital footprint, returning insights on geo-tags, interests, likes and hobbies, affluence score, estimated date of pay and more. All of which can be utilised to accurately and effectively personalise your marketing efforts.

Learn more about your customers than ever before

Understand the true Personality Traits of your customers

Learn how to truly market to your customers based on their personality traits.

Leverage our unique insights into your customers true personality based on our in-depth analysis of their available data to enable you to learn how they will best respond to marketing campaigns.

Understand your customers Personality Traits
Learn more about the lifestyle your customers live

Target your customers based on their affluence and travel habits.

Our unique affluence score combines travel and check-in affluence values to a 0-100 score – with 100 being most affluent. How far your customers travel, how frequently, and how expensive the trip may have been build up the score, allowing you to market to your customers more accurately.

Understand your customers Affluence Score
Delve deeper into the interests and hobbies of your customers

Accurately market the right products to your customers based on their interests and hobbies.

Our analytics engine will allow you to have a better understand of the interests and hobbies that your customers truly have. Ensure you are marketing the correct products to them to boost your customer acquisition.

Understand Your Customers Hobbies & Interests
Learn about the types of brands your customers associate with

Boost your competitive advantage by learning the brands your customers interact with.

Market to your customers based on the other brands that they are interacting and engaging with online to uplift your customer acquisition.

Learn more about Brand Engagement with Hello Soda
Identify more than where your customers live, understand where the visit most often

Gain additional insights into where your customers are geo-tagged on their digital profiles.

With our analytics engine, we enable you to gain a deeper understanding into your customer’s geo-activity if the data is available. This allows you to market to them based on geo-location.

Travel & Geo-Tagging with Hello Soda
Deliver campaigns at the time your customers are likely to engage and buy

Gain confidence in when is the best time to contact and engage with your customers.

Allow Profile to analyse your customer’s data to provide you with insights on when they are most active online, ultimately informing you on when they are most likely to engage and purchase with your business.

Identify the best time to contact your customers with Hello Soda

So how does it work?

Marketing Personalisation - Step 1 - Hello Soda


We first connect with your data source
Marketing Personalisation - Step 2 - Hello Soda


Your data is then analysed for insights
Marketing Personalisation - Step 3 - Hello Soda


Data can be fed into 100’s of CRM tools
Marketing Personalisation - Step 4 - Hello Soda


You’re able to send enhanced personalised campaigns

Discover Unparalled Insights

Marketing Personalisation Data Report
Hello Soda Support Team

Marketing Personalisation With A Difference

Why deeper customer insights matter

User Experience – Enhanced customer experience

Campaign Targeting – In-depth Campaign Targeting

Customer Loyalty – Nurture Customer Loyalty

Improved ROI – Improve Conversion Rates

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