KYC Checks

The fastest way to perform global online KYC checks

Automated customer-friendly solutions that improve user experience and increase onboarding.

Know Your Customer is easier, quicker, and more effective than ever thanks to our range of solutions which enable organisations to perform instant KYC checks. Customers are able to verify their identity instantly using a number of digital identity verification methods. 

When performing KYC checks, our solutions cross-reference data from multiple sources to give certainty in seconds. This approach helps global organisations perform enhanced due diligence (EDD), increase customer acquisition, increase revenue, comply with regulations, and reduce fraud.  

Some of the regulated markets which are required to perform KYC checks.

Benefits of our KYC identity verification solutions

Instant/Faster Onboarding

Our online and automated KYC solutions allow you to onboard customers in less than 5 seconds.

Global Coverage

Our solutions perform KYC checks across 177 countries to meet regionalised regulations.

Reduced Risk of Fraud

We are preventing financial crime globally by reducing fraud, chargebacks and account takeover.

Comply with Regulation

Comply with regional and global financial regulations whilst meeting GDPR and CCPA.

How a typical instant KYC process works – in less than 5 seconds

How it works - KYC process 1

Step 1
Personal Information Captured

To start the KYC process, customer’s enter their personal information via a registration or application form to begin the process.

How it works - KYC process 2

Step 2
Proof of Identity

The customer is required to provide a form of identification using their digital footprint, utility bill or a government issues document.

How it works - KYC process 3

Step 3
Additional Identity Check

For extra levels of security, mitigate risk and to authenticate the user, a secondary facial & liveness check is performed via a mobile device.

How it works - KYC process 4

Step 4
Identity Passed or Failed

In less than 5 seconds the proof of identity & facial check is analysed to return a score which will result in a pass or fail.

Profile iD – Digital Verification

The fastest identity verification in the world. Digital authentication in a split-second. A solution that reaches where others can’t (hard to reach demographics and markets) in a way that customers like. Learn More

iDocufy – Document Verification

Class-leading ID verification. Instant data capture and verification of over 5,000 forms of government-issued identification. Automated, accurate, easy to use, and takes seconds. Learn More

BioMatch – Facial & Liveness Checks

Best-in-class facial recognition. Used to take a selfie to biometrically verify photo ID. Uses advances in AI to analyse visual data and cross-reference with official photo ID. Learn More

UtilityConnect – Address Verification

Instant address verification using live utility data. 3,500 utility and telecoms providers are supported worldwide. This is one of the fastest and safest way to verify customer address using direct-from-source data. Learn More

BureauMatch – CRA Identity Verification

Using independently sourced CRA data, perform instant KYC checks to verify the identity of your customer and be confident the meet your id scores. Learn More


Using thousands of data sources, perform background PEPs & Sanctions checks to monitor high-risk individuals. Learn More


Perform additional checks by searching and monitoring the dark web for a range of personal information. Learn More


Keep your data up to date by validating your customer’s email to ensure it’s accurate and still active. Learn More


Ensure data accuracy by validating your customer’s mobile number to ensure it’s still active and up to date. Learn More

Sodium - KYC & AML Platform

Sodium is a single API platform that serves our complete suite of KYC solutions

Cross-reference all your data points through Sodium to perform enhanced customer due diligence (EDD).

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