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Merchant Verification

Gain confidence in your KYB checks with Hello Soda’s verification solutions.

Through Hello Soda’s global answer to identity verification, merchants can be verified in a simple 2-step process which can result in a 60% uplift in merchant ID authentication.

Our identity verification solutions allow your business to improve merchant acquisitions, reduce the risk of impersonation fraud and enhance your KYB checks.

Market Performance:

£ 2 billion

European AML Fines

44 %

Fines in the US

£ 2 billion

European AML Fines

Our robust solution delivers a real-time verified/unverified decision – which can be set based on your own limits and requirements – within just seconds of connection.

Generating scores from vast amounts of unstructured data, Profile iD+ enables a convenient user experience without compromising quality of assurance.

Benefits Delivered

Global Verification Solution

Faster Onboarding

Fully Automated

Increased Customer Uplift

How It Works:
Learn more about how our solutions work for Merchant Verification.

Identity Verification

Age Verification

Address & Location Checks

AML Checks

Peps and Sanctions

Dark Web Check

Email & Mobile Verification

Merchant Verification





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