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Merchant Verification

Be absolutely sure about the business you’re dealing with by using Hello Soda’s smart KYB checks.

Merchants can be verified in a simple and quick process, via automated tools, that only take a minute. Offering you rapid reassurance, and compliance with the new 5AMLD regulations.

Our identity verification solutions allow your business to improve merchant acquisitions, reduce the risk of impersonation fraud, and enhance your KYB checks.

We can help you with:

Verifying UBOs Identity 

Ultimate Beneficial Owners, which is now anyone with a share within a company, can be individually verified using our suite of smart IDV solutions all available via our single API.

Proof Of Business Address

Company addresses can be verified in real-time using UtilityConnect, our fully automated, smart and secure KYB solution, that accesses live utility data to check current address.

Business Checks

PEPs & Sanctions checks can be easily carried out using PepCheck, which searches and monitors high risk individuals and organisations from 4.4 million records.

177 Countries

Global KYB checks

5 Seconds

Faster onboarding

Fully Automated

Real-time decision engine

21% Reduction

Reduce business fraud

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Did You Know?

£ 2 billion

European AML Fines

44 %

Fines in the US

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Age Verification Solutions

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Address & Location Verification Checks

Leverage global utility data from over 3,000 providers for address and location verification.

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Peps and Sanctions checks

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