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Age Verification

Gain more confidence in your customers date of birth with our global age verification software.

We enable businesses to effectively implement age and date of birth verification within their online application processes within a matter of days.

Our powerful engine cross-references declared date of birth with quantitative data on your customer’s connected digital footprint as well as analysing supporting text using advanced natural language processing techniques to provide secure age verification.

Once implemented your customers age and date of birth can be verified within a matter of seconds, thus improving onboarding rates and reducing abandonment.

Match Age & DoB Globally

Verify Age Within Seconds

Reduced Acquisition Costs

Increase Customer Uplift

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Did You Know?

14 %

of 11-16 year olds
have gambled

55 k

of 11-16 year olds have
a gambling problem

83 %

of under 18's lie about
their age online

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