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Identity Verification

Close the identity loop with our universal 360 KYC, AML and anti-impersonation solutions

Combining digital, physical and biometric data, we provide an all-in-one 360′ online identity
verification and anti-fraud measures.

Increase Customer Onboarding

Increase your onboarding by up to 68%

Verify your customer’s age globally

Global Identity Solution

Verify customers across 165 countries

Reduce Fraud Globally

Detect & reduce fraud across the globe

Age Verification

Effectively and efficiently verify customer age and identity through advanced analysis of your customer’s digital footprint.

We provide a robust digital solution to quickly and effectively verify your customer’s name, address and date of birth. Our age and identity verification solutions utilise alternative data sources and technological sources to provide you with confidence that your customers are truly who they say they are.

Our powerful engine cross-references declared date of birth with quantitative data on the customer’s connected digital footprint as well as analysing supporting text using advanced natural language processing techniques.

Hello Soda | Age Verification
Hello Soda | KYC & AML
KYC & AML Checks

Know your customers like never before with our global, robust analytics engine and ID verification services.

Our accurate solutions allow you to mitigate the risk of impersonation fraud from taking place within your business, whilst learning that your customer is truly who they say they are.

Hello Soda’s automated solutions allow you to verify your customer’s identity in sub-5 seconds with just 2 clicks.

Address Checks

Utilise global utility data to verify your customer’s address within seconds.

With over 3,000 utility and telecoms providers across 40 different countries, we are able to offer your business a global, verified source of utility data that is current, complete and 100% consented by your customers.

Our fully automated electronic ID verification solution allows you to reduce the costs of manual processes, reduce fraud, improve the customer experience and boost confidence in customer identity and address.

Hello Soda | Address Verification
Hello Soda | Merchant Verification
Merchant Verification

Reduce the risk of impersonation fraud and enhance your KYB checks with our merchant verification solution.

Through Hello Soda’s global answer to identity verification, merchants can be verified in a simple 2-step process which can result in a 60% uplift in merchant ID authentication.

Our identity verification solutions allow your business to improve merchant acquisitions, reduce the risk of impersonation fraud and enhance your KYB checks.

Document Verification

Verify your customer’s identity in a robust way with our global document verification tool.

Utilise a global database of over 3,000 forms of government-issued identity documents to accurately assess whether your customer’s ID matches a government-issued or regulation template for that document, as well as assessing the document’s integrity and altering on errors such as inconsistent characters, missing or incorrectly located fields and tampering, such as driving licence checks.

Document Verification with iDocufy

How it works

Peps and Sanctions checks

Screen individuals in real-time against global, comprehensive PEPs & Sanctions databases.

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Dark web checks for Peps and Sanctions

Ensure your customer’s data isn’t available for fraudulent use on the Dark Web.

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Email & Mobile Verification Checks

Keep your data accurate by verifying email address & mobile numbers exist and are active.

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