PEPs & Sanction Checks

Leverage thousands of data sources to identify and monitor high-risk individuals.

Hello Soda’s PEPs & Sanctions API allows you to both search and monitor individuals that may be considered high-risk or pose a reputational risk to your business.

The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) comes into effect in the EU on 10th January 2020 and requires increased transparency in financial transactions. There will be a wider remit for Know Your Business (KYB) checks as the regulation stipulates that anyone with a holding of more than 25% will be considered an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) and have to be verified. One of the key ways to do this will be through PEPs & Sanctions checks.

Our database is global, and can prevent fraud, and money laundering, in every market.

We continuously review our data sources to ensure that only reliable and accurate information is used in our PEPs, sanctions and adverse media checks. These include law enforcement, official and governmental websites, highly regarded and trusted media outlets and many more.

PEPs are defined based on the FATF definition but also draws from UNAC, the 4th EU Money-Laundering Directive, JMLSG and the Wolfsberg Group. Our PEPs lists are tiered with Tier 1 indicating those who hold the highest public offices.

Our sanctions lists are updated within 30 minutes of any amendments and previously sanctioned individuals are identified as such if removed.

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