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Email & Mobile Verification

Validate your customer’s mobile number and email address to ensure accurate and active information.

Email Validation

Our email validation service will, where possible, return additional contextual information around the email address, identifying whether it is:

  • Created by a disposable email address generator
  • Mailing list or alias
  • A known bouncer
  • Spam trap
  • Bot

The validator will also return suggested corrections where an email address appears to be incorrect.

Mobile Validation

Mobile Validation service goes beyond simply checking the submitted numbers format. By sending a ‘ping’ to the number it is able to assess whether the number is live and active. The owner of the mobile device does not receive any message or notification, so will not be alerted to the validation check.

  • The number is malformed (eg. contains letters or symbols, or is an incorrect length).
  • The number is inactive (ie. valid and exists but not currently active in the network
  • The number is blacklisted, (eg. reported stolen)
  • The number is not in use/does not have an active subscriber

Benefits Delivered

Global Verification Solution

Real-time & Accurate Data

Multilingual Solution

Fully Automated

How It Works:
Learn more about how our solutions work for Email & Mobile Verification.

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