Email & Mobile Validate

Real-time and accurate email & mobile checks

Gain confidence and validate your customer’s mobile number and email address.

Ensure your customer has provided accurate and active information with email and mobile verification checks. We are able to return additional information around email addresses and mobile numbers that no typical engine can return.

Using ‘pings’ we are able to assess whether a mobile number is live and active without notifying the owner with a message or notification, so they will not be alerted to the validation check.

Real-time verification

Send pings for accurate information

Additional information returned

Keep data up-to-date

Features of our Email & Mobile Validate solutions

Wide Network Coverage

Perform full liveness checks across multiple providers and networks.

Real-time accurate data

Validate active accounts with real-time liveness checks.

Suggested corrections

Receive suggested corrections for details that are flagged as incorrect.

Fully automated

Receive results in sub-5 seconds to validate your customer’s information.

Email Validate

Our email validation software returns additional information, such as whether an email address is:

  • a known bouncer,
  • a bot,
  • a spam trap,
  • created by a disposable email address generator,
  • a mailing list,
  • alias.

It also will return suggested corrections where an email address seems to be incorrect or inactive.

Mobile Validate

Our mobile validator service goes beyond just simply checking a number’s format. By sending a ‘ping’ to the number submitted by the customer, it is able to assess whether the number is live and active in real-time.

Our validator informs you if:

  • The number is malformed (eg. contains letters or symbols, or is an incorrect length).
  • The number is inactive (ie. valid and exists but not currently active in the network
  • The number is blacklisted, (eg. reported stolen)
  • The number is not in use/does not have an active subscriber
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