Dark Web Checks

Real-time, live dark web checks

Search and monitor over 600 million records on the Dark Web that pose a risk of impersonation fraud.

As cybercrime continues to rise, so does the threat of compromised customer PII due to large-scale corporate hacks. From names and addresses to payment information, customer data is routinely being bought and sold on the Dark Web.

Hello Soda’s Dark Web checks allow you to mitigate the risk of stolen and fraudulent information from compromising your business.

Access hidden parts of the internet

Monitor 600 million records

Global data reach

Protect your customers

Features of our Dark Web solutions

Search & Monitor

Perform checks globally by searching & monitoring 600 million records.

Seamless communication

Utilise Dark Web alongside Hello Soda’s data capture products.

Secure & Compliant

Comply with GDPR & CCPA regulations with Dark Web checks

Mitigate the risk of fraud

Reduce the risk of fraud by searching the Dark Web records.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a hidden portion of the internet that can only be accessed using special software. It is associated with illegal activity such as trading with drugs, weapons, explosives, child pornography, and data. A place which is full of information for cybercriminals to use and profit from. It is the part of the internet that it is not visible to search engines.

The Dark Web protects its anonymous visitors, making it more difficult to trace them. Businesses should be taking the required steps towards protecting their services and customers from being a victim of Dark Web fraud.

Download our e-book, where we cover all aspects of the sixth money laundering directive (6AMLD) and how your organisation can comply with this latest fraud prevention measure.

Discover more with our 6AMLD guide

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