Address & Location Checks

The fastest and safest way to verify address

Verify anyone’s address, anywhere in the world, in seconds or minutes.

We specialise in address verification, which is used by banks, fin tech companies, gambling and gaming operators and other sectors beyond. We offer a range of tools to validate address, from real-time live utility data, national ID, or digital footprint data. 

Results can be cross-referenced against each other for absolute certainty, while offering optimum speed through automated and instant tools.

Carry out automated address & location checks across a wide range of regulated markets.

Benefits of our Address & Location Check solutions

Used in 177+ Countries

Establish the genuine address & location of your customer across 177 countries.

Faster onboarding

Eliminate manual errors, perform comprehensive address & location checks in less than 5 seconds.

Fully automated

Fully automated technology minimises friction and reduces costs over a manual review process.

Real-time accurate data

Connect with over 3,500 utility providers for real-time, accurate address & location checks.

How a typical, instant Address Verification process works – in less than 5 seconds

How it works - KYC process 1

Step 1

We capture address or location from the chosen source (online bill, official ID, or digital account).

UtilityConnect - Select provider type

Step 2

The address or location returned is cross-referenced with the address declared by the user.

UtilityConnect - Select provider

Step 3

The sources are checked (utility account recency, ID forensics, digital footprint analysed).

Verified KYC Process

Step 4
Identity Verified

If address matches and source is legitimate, address is verified.

Profile iD – Digital Verification

Provides longitude and latitude of customer to confirm location. Also serves as supporting cross-reference source for UtilityConnect or iDocufy address return. Learn More

iDocufy – Document Verification

Class-leading document verification. Reads address from driving licenses (or any national ID in the world that contains address). Automated, accurate, and instant. Learn More

BioMatch – Facial & Liveness Checks

Perform facial and liveness checks to add an extra layer of security through our advanced biometric technology. This powerful solution performs a biometrical check to prevent identity theft and fraud. Learn More

UtilityConnect – Address Verification

Address verification using live utility data. Customer selects online utility or telecomms account, and address from latest bill is returned. Up to date, secure, takes seconds.  Learn More

BureauMatch – CRA Identity Verification

Verify your customer’s identity in real-time using independently sourced CRA data. Gain confidence your customer is who they say they are with this instant ID verification method. Combine BureauMatch with any solution.  Learn More


Protect your organisation to perform PEPs & Sanctions checks to monitor high-risk individuals using thousands of data sources. Learn More


For extra security, search and monitor the dark web to check if your customer’s personal information is listed. Learn More


Data accuracy for all organisations is important, perform email validation to ensure the entered email address is accurate and still active. Learn More


Add extra checks to validate your customer’s mobile number to ensure it’s accuracy and it’s still active. Learn More

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See and learn how we perform address & location verification checks across 177 countries.

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Sodium - KYC & AML Platform

Perform enhanced due diligence by cross-referencing multiple data sources with Sodium.

Our single API solution allows for simple integration straight into your application, with our complete suite of ID, KYC & AML solutions.

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