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Onboard more good customers with our identity verification and fraud prevention solutions

Decrease the number of false positives by up to 5% and reduce fraudulent chargebacks, whilst protecting your customers against account takeover with our verification solutions.

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Retailer Finance

Leverage global alternative data sources to mitigate the risk of fraud and theft within retail finance.

Mitigate Risk with Hello Soda

Reducing risk with protection from account takeover

Reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud with our robust global fraud prevention solutions for the retail sector.

Reducing fraudulent chargebacks and improving ROI

Reducing fraudulent chargebacks and improving ROI

Validate and verify good transactions in less than 5 seconds utilising Profile iD.

Did you know…

On average


of fraudsters will only place one order on an account before creating a new one.

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your business

Mitigate the risk of fraud with Hello Soda’s fraud prevention and identity verification solutions.

Reduce the risk of impersonation and payments fraud by ensuring a robust and global verification process for your customers.

Our solutions allow you to reduce the risk of chargebacks, false positives and protect your customers from account takeover by accurately authenticating customer identity.

Create a frictionless user journey with our global answer to verification processes.

We understand that a smooth user experience is important for your customers to ensure that they don’t drop off at the point of identity verification.

Our robust and accurate solutions verify a customer’s identity in under 5 seconds with just two clicks. Reduce your chargebacks by up to 20% and onboard more customers with Hello Soda.

We understand that onboarding high volumes of customers in a quick and effective manner matters.

Our verification solutions allow you to authenticate a customer’s identity in less than 5 seconds, ultimately onboarding good customers without needing manual intervention.

Increase your ROI whilst verifying high volumes of customers without the high costs with Hello Soda’s solutions.

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Learn how our global clients have seen huge improvements in their user journey and great uplifts in areas such as pass rates and click-through-rates.

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Why Profile iD+ is the no1 identity
solution for retailers.


✔ Consistent UX

✔ Verify in sub-5 seconds

✔ Mitigate risk of fraud

✔ Onboard more customers


✔ Decrease false positives

✔ Reduce fraudulent chargebacks

✔ Consistent global verification

✔ Protection from account takeover

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