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Global Verification Solution

Reduced Acquisition Costs

Increased Customer Uplift

Our solutions provide Crypto exchanges and wallets with advanced KYC checks

At Hello Soda we use a range of data points to help build the profile of an individual. These data points are used to both verify and authenticate a user, providing more informed decisions and allowing you to know your customers like never before to eliminate the risk of fraud and money laundering.

Where we deliver value for
Crypto Exchanges

Effectively and efficiently verify consumer age and identity through advanced analysis of your customers’ digital footprint.

Onboard more customers with Hello Soda

Verify and onboard more customers

Validate your customers’ identity in under 5 seconds, quickly onboarding more customers.

Mitigate Risk with Hello Soda

Mitigate the risk of impersonation fraud

We can effectively and efficiently verify a customer’s identity in under 5 seconds in over 190 countries.

Did you know…

An astonishing


of cryptocurrency was obtained by illicit means in 2018.

Who benefits within
your business

Comply with the latest industry regulations by ensuring a robust authentication process.

Gain a true understanding of who your customers are with our robust and global KYC and AML checks and identity verification solutions.

Uplift your identity verification process by 30%, ultimately resulting in onboarding more customers, whilst reducing the risk of fraud by up to 20% with Hello Soda.

Create a frictionless user journey with our global answer to verification processes.

We understand that a smooth user experience is important for your customers to ensure that they don’t drop off at the point of identity verification.

Our robust and accurate solutions verify a customer’s identity in under 5 seconds with just two clicks. Enhance your KYC checks, uplift your customer acquisition and reduce your manual labour costs with Hello Soda.

We understand that onboarding high volumes of customers in a quick and effective manner matters.

Our verification solutions allow you to authenticate a customer’s identity in less than 5 seconds, ultimately onboarding good customers without needing manual intervention.

Increase your ROI whilst verifying high volumes of customers without the high costs with Hello Soda’s solutions.

Global KYC & AML benefits

Where we fit

Where we fit - Cryptocurrency

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case studies

Learn how our global clients have seen huge improvements in their user journey and great uplifts in areas such as pass rates and click-through-rates.

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Why Profile iD+ is the no1 identity
solution for Crypto Exchanges.


✔ Verify more customers

✔ Mitigate risk of fraud

✔ Verify in sub 5-seconds

✔ Fully compliant


✔ Consistent global verification

✔ Uplift customer acquisition

✔ Reduce labour costs

✔ Enhanced KYC checks

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