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UtilityConnect provides a unique solution which provides address and location verification

With over 6,500 utility and telecoms providers across the globe, we are able to offer your business a global, verified source of utility data that is current, complete and 100% consented by your customers.

Our fully automated solution allows you to reduce the costs of manual processes, reduce fraud, improve the customer experience and boost confidence in customer identity and address.

UtilityConnect interface

Automated Address Verification

Verify address against 6,500 utility providers

Real-time Verification

Automated & real-time decision engine

Save Time and Money

Save time & reduce onboarding costs

Safe and Secure Solution

Safe, secure and fully compliant

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Product Overview

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How it works

How UtilityConnect works - Step 1
How UtilityConnect works - Step 2
How UtilityConnect works - Step 3
Electricity Providers - UtilityConnect


Gas Providers - UtilityConnect


Water Utility Providers - UtilityConnect


Telecoms Providers - UtilityConnect


Waste Utility Providers - UtilityConnect


Key Benefits of UtilityConnect


Fully automated technology minimises friction and reduces costs over a manual review process.


Choose from our no-development hosted solutions or complete control over customisation using our API.


Our UI is designed to work across desktop, tablet & mobile, including as part of our iOS/Android SDKs.


GDPR complacent using your specific Terms of Service at the point of customer consent.

Hello Soda Support Team

Why UtilityConnect is the no1 address verification solution.

Benefits include:

✔ Connect With Over 6,500 Utility Providers

✔ Instantley Verify or Decline Users

✔ Verify Customers in 177 Countries

✔ Increase Onboarding and Uplift by 68%

✔ Secure and Encrypted Data

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Product Overview

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