Profile iD

Profile iD is a leading alternative data solution for Identity Verification, KYC & AML

The new leader for online ID, KYC & AML. Reduce fraud losses and increase customer onboarding with our multi-channel identity verification solutions.

Profile iD analyses all of the available data points from a customer’s digital footprint, returning verified name, age, ID Scores, Fraud Scores, Employment Scores, geo-tags and a traffic light confidence indicator which can be used for ID checks, location verification, KYC, trust economy & fraud prevention.

Product UI - Profile iD

Onboard up to 68% more customers

Global solution used in over 177 countries

Detect & reduce fraud by 21%

Consistent User-experience

Deliver a consistent user experience

How a Profile iD onboarding process works – in less than 5 seconds

Profile iD - Digital Authentication
1. Connect to digital account

At the point the customer needs to be verified via a different method using Profile iD is presented. At this point the customer simply connects to a digital account.

Profile iD - Consent & Analysis Connection
2. Consent & analysis

Once a digital profile is connected and the customer provides consent, the account is analysed using multiple data points to calculate whether this is a real person.

Verified KYC Process
3. Account authentication

Once a profile meets the criteria set out by the provider the customer will then be authenticated allowing them to continue to register.

Key Benefits of Profile iD

Instant Onboarding
Global Solution
Increase Onboarding
Gain ID Confidence
Positive UX
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Why Profile iD is the no1 digital authentication solution.

Benefits include:

✔ Verify Customers in 177 Countries

✔ Increase Onboarding and Uplift by 68%

✔ Reduce Fraud Rates By Over 21%

✔ Fast and Efficient Solution Integration

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