iDocufy is a leading solution for global document verification

Instant data capture and verification of global identity documents

iDocufy utilises a global database of over 5,000 forms of government-issued identity documents to accurately assess document authenticity and capture both visual and electronic document data.

iDocufy interface

Document Verification

Verify over 5,000 document types globally

Real-time Verification

Automated & real-time decision engine

Save Time and Money

Save time & reduce onboarding costs

Reduce friction & eliminate manual errors

How an advanced iDocufy check works – in seconds

Profile iD - Document Selection
1. The user selects an identity document type

At this stage, the customer is asked to upload an image of their identity document. This could be a passport, driving license or ID card.

How it works - KYC process 2
2. A photo of the ID document is taken

Once the image is uploaded, the identity document is analysed for any inconsistencies or indications of falsification.

How it works - KYC process 5
3. The document is cross-referenced

Our advanced OCR technology extracts the printed PII from the document to cross-reference against the results of the customer’s digital verification.

Verified KYC Process
4. Document identity is passed or failed

Once the document has been analysed, the proof of identity is instantly verified (no manual checks) to return a result of a pass or fail.

Key Benefits of iDocufy

Positive UX
Gain ID Confidence
Increase Onboarding
Combined AML & KYC
Global Solution
Hello Soda Support Team

Why iDocufy is the no1 document verification solution.

Benefits include:

✔ Verify Over 5,000 Document Types

✔ Instantley Verify or Decline Users

✔ Verify Customers in 177 Countries

✔ Increase Onboarding and Uplift by 68%

✔ Reduce Fraud Rates By Over 21%

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