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iDocufy is a leading solution for document verification

Instant data capture and verification of global identity documents

iDocufy utilises a global database of over 5000 forms of government-issued identity documents to accurately assess document authenticity and capture both visual and electronic document data.

Document Verification

Verify against 1000’s of document types

Real-time Verification

Automated & real-time decision engine

Save Time and Money

Save time & reduce onboarding costs

Reduce friction & eliminate manual errors

1. Upload photo of ID document

At this stage, the customer is asked to upload an image of their identity document. This could be a passport, driving license or ID card.

2. Document analysis

Once the image is uploaded, the identity document is analysed for any inconsistencies or indications of falsification.

3. Cross-reference document

Our advanced OCR technology extracts the printed PII from the document to cross-reference against the results of the customer’s digital verification.

Key Benefits of iDocufy

Positive UX
Gain ID Confidence
Increase Onboarding
Combined AML & KYC
Global Solution
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Why iDocufy is the no1 identity


✔ Boost Acquisition

✔ Reduce Fraud

✔ Increase ID Verification

✔ Robust Solution


✔ Global Solution

✔ Increase Onboarding

✔ Gain ID Confidence

✔ Positive UX

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