Fraud Web

FraudWeb is a leading solution to mitigate the risk of impersonation fraud.

Search over 600 million records on the Dark Web for your customer’s information and prevent fraud from taking place.

FraudWeb provides an extra level of security by searching and monitoring customer PII against compromised data on the Dark Web.

Dark Web Checks with FraudWeb
Document Verification

Search over 600m records on the Dark Web

Real-time Verification

Save time & reduce onboarding costs

Reduce Fraud Globally

Mitigate the risk of impersonation fraud

Incorrect Data Detection

Reduce friction & eliminate manual errors

How an advanced FraudWeb check works – in seconds

1. The user creates an account for your service

At the first stage, the user registers for an account or service, declaring their personal information.

2. Data is passed through the system

Once the customer has created their account, a single API is used to pass the customer data through the FraudWeb engine.

3. Thorough checks are carried out

FraudWeb checks the dark web for PII and any unique customer data, including identity, personal or financial data.

4. The final stage as the result is provided

The result is then returned to show whether there was any match, a partial match or a full match of your customer’s details found.

Key Benefits of FraudWeb

Global Solution
Gain ID Confidence
Increase Onboarding
Reduce Fraud Risk
Automated Solution

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