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BioMatch uses advances in AI technology to provide facial matching

Add an additional layer of security with BioMatch.

BioMatch takes a short video rather than a single photo to match your customer’s identity. This is then split into a number of individual frames which are then match against one another. The customer is asked to blink to prove liveness.

This additional verification measure provides an extra level of security and assurance that the customer is who they say they are.

Dark web checks with Fraud Web

Mitigate risk of impersonation fraud

Customer Uplift

Onboard up to 68% more customers

Hello Soda | Gain Live User Confidence

Gain live user confidence

Automate Processes

Automate your review process

1. Customer takes short video

The customer is asked to take a short video of themselves, rather than a single photo to be analysed.

2. Video analysis

The video that the customer has taken is then split into a number of individual frames which are then matched against one another.

3. Biometric Match

The frames are then cross-referenced with the photo on the customer’s provided identity document to check they are the same customer.

Key Benefits of BioMatch

Mitigate Against Stolen IDs
Gain Live User Confidence
Positive UX
Accurate & Automated
Global Solution
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Why Profile iD+ is the no1 identity


✔ Boost Acquisition

✔ Reduce Fraud

✔ Increase ID Verification

✔ Robust Solution


✔ Global Solution

✔ Increase Onboarding

✔ Gain Live User Confidence

✔ Accurate & Automated

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