BioMatch uses advanced AI technology to provide facial recognition matching

Add an additional layer of security with BioMatch.

BioMatch captures an image to match your customer’s identity which is then cross-referenced against an image extracted from their government-issued ID document.

Results are given in seconds and passive liveness detection is able to detect whether a real person is present and not subject to any form of presentation attack.

BioMatch interface

Real-time Liveness Checks

The same, single FRM frame is used

Safe and Secure Solution

More secure than active liveness

Real-time Verification

No action required from the end-user

Automate your ID verification processes

Web or native (iOS/Android) integration

How BioMatch performs a facial & liveness check – in seconds

BioMatch - Take photo
1. Customer captures an image

The customer is asked to take a single photo of themselves to be analysed using forensic and biometric checks.

How it works - KYC process 3
2. Image is then analysed

The image that the customer has taken is then analysed and cross-referenced with an extracted image from their ID document.

Verified KYC Process
3. Biometrics are matched or rejected

A facial recognition matching score and pass/fail decision is returned to the client, alongside the liveness results.

Key Benefits of BioMatch

Mitigate Against Stolen IDs
Gain Live User Confidence
Positive UX
Accurate & Automated
Global Solution
Hello Soda Support Team

Why BioMatch is the no1 facial authentication solution.

Benefits include:

✔ Real-time Decision Engine

✔ Secure and Encrypted Facial Matching

✔ Meets GDPR Requirements

✔ BioMatch is Omnichannel Supported

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