The Online Me

Monitor your online reputation


Over 90% of employers vet a candidate's social media profiles before making a hiring decision

Whilst social media is primarily for communicating with friends, online reputation now inevitably plays a part in job applications. Alongside your CV and cover letter, the manner in which you present yourself online now often plays a pivotal role in your candidacy. With The Online Me you can monitor your online activity and ensure you are alerted to the posts that present you in a negative light.


What is your social media saying about you?

We are often told "what you post online stays online". The permanence of the internet means can be frightening and sometimes mistakes can be made that, as we so often see in the news, can have detrimental consequences and repercussions later in life. The Online Me retrospectively flags any high-risk posts that you may have made, throughout the entire history of your connected account.


Effectively manage your online reputation

The Online Me gives you an insight into the depth of data available about you as well as your predicted personality, likes, hobbies, and most used words, allowing you to effectively monitor your digital self.


In-depth analysis of your entire social media history

Our user friendly report provides you with key insights into your social accounts using our unique data models and techniques, helping you to see the bigger picture of the online you.


Is the personality that you portray online truly representative of you?

Our psychometric test explores your interests, values and overall character in order to gain a true understanding of you as an individual. The Online Me can compare your results with your online report, to show you how your online persona compares.