Onboarding Calculator

An inefficient onboarding process could see your business missing out on a great deal of revenue. From the cost of manual reviews, to the incremental costs of customer drop-off and false-negatives, understanding these balances can enable you to optimise your onboarding process, keep your costs down and maximise revenue.

Average Match Rates for Onboarding New Customers

Pass: 0%

Refer: 0%

Friction: 0%

Fail: 0%

Total Cost of Customer Onboarding

£000,000 ($000,000)

per annum

Did you know?

Partnering with Hello Soda could save your business:

£000,000* ($000,000)

per annum from your onboarding costs

Our onboarding process could potentially generate an additional revenue of:

£000,000* ($000,000)

per annum

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* This figure is based on the information inputted and is dependant on business and industry. Onboard more customers than with traditional identity verification methods, using our universal API, Sodium.

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