Improve your lead decision-making with phone validation

When purchasing leads from ping trees or other lead generators, it is easy to waste money on poor quality or 'dead' leads- not only on the bids themselves but also on expensive traditional checks such as through the credit bureau. Can phone validation for lead purchasing help?

For every 10,000 leads you purchase, let's say that on average 60% will convert into loans. That means that the money spent on purchasing and performing checks on 4000 leads is essentially wasted.

A simple and efficient way to significantly mitigate these costs is through instant phone number validation. Validating the quality of phone number provided by the loan applicant can more accurately predict whether the lead will convert into a loan.

With Fraud Web, you can accurately verify in real-time:

  • Location of number
  • Whether the number is active/live
  • Network of number
  • Whether the number is linked to crime or fraud

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Author Charles Mott