We’ll be at ICE 2020

(Stand N9-525)

We will once again be exhibiting at this year’s ICE London event, showcasing our new identity verification solutions, including Profile iD and UtilityConnect. Come and say hello, and we can demonstrate how we deliver KYC and AML solutions for our gaming, gambling and payment clients.

ICE 2020 is an exciting event for us to showcase the latest in KYC and AML innovations. We love to meet clients, talk to new people, and have a chance to talk face to face about the issues businesses are facing, and how our global KYC solutions can help.

Meet the team attending this years event.

James Langrick - Hello Soda

James Langrick
Head of Global Gaming, Gambling & KYC Solutions

With years of experience in the ID&V space, James supports clients with their KYC and AML challenges to define the right solutions which meet the needs of the organisation and its customers. He enables customers to onboard/pay more quickly, thus increasing conversion rates while simplifying UX.

Chris Kelly - Hello Soda

Chris Kelly
Business Development Director – Gaming

Chris supports our gaming clients with ID&V and AML across multiple sectors. Like all the team at Hello Soda chris too is an advocate for customer-centric approaches to KYC that are quicker than traditional methods, and enable customers to onboard/pay more quickly, thus increasing conversion rates while simplifying UX.

Pamela Mcloughlin - Business Development

Pamela Mcloughlin
Business Development Director – Payments

Pamela leads the ID&V and fraud prevention for digital money and payment services team. She helps clients remain compliant with marketing regulations across the globe. She also helps organisations maintain a seamless customer experience. Pamela is a regular speaker and a panel member sharing her KYC expertise.

Paula Maidana Hello Soda LATAM

Paula Maidana
Business Development Director – LATAM

A specialist in fintech and crypto KYC solutions, Paula understands international KYC and AML challenges and opportunities in different markets. She has been working with global gaming and payments clients to ensure regulations are met whilst improving their onboarding process using our innovative solutions.

What We Do at Hello Soda

Working across a wide range of industries, we help our clients to verify the identity of their customer or to gather deeper insights around interests and personality traits.

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Hello Soda Products

Our 360 KYC and AML solutions offer a robust and effective means for reducing fraud, onboarding more customers and improving your customer’s digital journey.

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Hello Soda Sector Expertise

Our global and robust solutions are used across a number of sectors to enhance the KYC and AML processes resulting in greater customer uplift and reduced fraud rates.

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