How we onboard customers

How We Onboard Customers

So, you’ve signed your order form with Hello Soda and you’re ready to improve your identity verification or anti-fraud processes, great! But, what happens now?

There are a number of steps that need to be taken until you can fully experience the benefits of our suite of solutions. Here, we will detail the Hello Soda onboarding process, from signing your contract to going live with our products and services.


Step 1

Welcome to Hello Soda

Once your order form has been approved, a welcome email containing technical information, such as our API documentation, will be sent to all key individuals.

Your customer onboarding representative will then be in touch to arrange a kick off call with our Client Delivery team. The technical information email should be reviewed before the kick off call so our team can answer any questions and provide relevant integration advice. 

Step 2

Project Kick-Off

Once prepared, the implementation process can begin with an initial consultation.

To ensure a holistic overview of the onboarding process, we recommend that the key tech, project and commercial individuals involved in the implementation are present for this call. It will involve a full use case review and coaching on how best to use the various features of the Sodium API and/or mobile SDKs. 

  1. Use Case overview
  2. Technical Q&A
  3. Establish integration methods (frontend/backend)
  4. Project Timelines
  5. Communication and Support channels
Supporting The Community - Hello Soda
Supporting The Data Community - Hello Soda

Step 3

Access Environment

Here is where you gain access to the environments we have set up and can begin the integration process; every client is provided with two environments per brand: Production and Development.

If integrating with Profile iD, the Hello Soda Client Delivery team will support and advise creation of your digital app. If you have existing social apps then these can be modified/upgraded as necessary to be used with Profile iD.

Step 4


Once the framework of the implementation has been built, the Client Delivery team will review your work on a call and provide any suggestions.

Higher levels of testing are then recommended to ensure a working model and we can offer consultation regarding a risk-based approach and parameters based on your business needs. Once complete, a customer journey consultation is conducted by our Design team. If integrating a hosted page, we can present branded mock-ups and walkthroughs for a best-practice customer journey.

Nurturing Talent - Hello Soda

Step 5

Threshold Testing

Next, the Hello Soda Data team will conduct a full review of the scoring and thresholds being utilised to make sure you’re letting just the ‘good’ customers pass through your onboarding checks.

We will provide a full analytical report and any recommendations for improvement. 

Step 6

Final Testing & Go Live

Once the final tests are completed, production environment credentials will be provided and your paid usage will begin.

The client delivery team will provide ongoing assistance, and monthly business reviews with your account manager will ensure maximum success from our service, but you are now ready to experience how powerful our suite of solutions are.

“Working with Hello Soda’s onboarding team made the whole process, and integration the easiest project we’ve had to date.”
Dimitris Litsikakis – deVere Group







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