Guides & Whitepapers

Guides & Whitepapers

Explore these useful guides and whitepapers to help you and your business reduce fraud, enhance customer onboarding rates and improve customer experience.

The Rise and Rise of Automation Download

Rise & Rise of Automation

In this whitepaper we explore consumer attitudes towards digital banking, and the rise of automated customer onboarding.

The State of Fraud guide

The State of Fraud

Given the global pandemic, in this piece, we explore the state of fraud and how this is affecting financial services.

The Future of Identity Verification, KYC & AML in Gaming

The Future of Gaming

In this guide, we explain the future of identity verification, KYC & AML for Gaming, eSports & Gambling Operators.

6AMLD Wars - The complete experts guide

6AMLD Wars

Comply with 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, in this guide we explain how your organisation can ensure compliance.

Account Takeover Guide

Preventing Account Takeover

Are your customers’ accounts safe? The answer is no. This guide will help your business to prevent account takeover.

PSD2 Survival Guide | Resources

PSD2 Survival Guide

In this guide we explain what PSD2 means and how we can help you achieve Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Frictionless Future Guide

Frictionless Future

A guide to how alternative data methods will pave the way for a frictionless KYC & AML future.

Identity Crisis Guide

Identity Crisis

This helpful document aims to guide you through the SMART way of verifying your customer’s identity in the Digital World.

At Your Convenience Guide

At Your Convenience

Exploring consumer attitudes towards the use of social data for online Identity Verification.

A guide to the LCCP

Automated Solutions E-book

Latest e-book about automated solutions for gaming & gambling operator, plus simple ways to increase ROI.

Download E-book

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Use Case Guides

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