Global Coverage

Coverage in over 165 countries and counting

Hello World! As you can see we are well and truly global. We provide identity verification everywhere, and we mean everywhere.

From Timbuktu to Tijuana, Beirut to Bangalore, Zanzibar to Zakynthos, the Amazon to the Algarve, we’ve got it covered. 

As long as there’s internet connection we can authenticate you in Antarctica.  

This map shows our coverage on every continent, and almost every country. And every country is possible with our suite of solutions and Universal API.

We’re extremely proud of our global reach, and the thousands of checks we carry out every day to keep customers and companies going. 

We work with businesses all over the world, and are currently growing our client base in Latin America and the Far East, and are making ID verification more accessible in Africa.

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What We Do at Hello Soda

Working across a wide range of industries, we help our clients to verify the identity of their customer or to gather deeper insights around interests and personality traits.

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Hello Soda Products

Our 360 KYC and AML solutions offer a robust and effective means for reducing fraud, onboarding more customers and improving your customer’s digital journey.

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Hello Soda Sector Expertise

Our global and robust solutions are used across a number of sectors to enhance the KYC and AML processes resulting in greater customer uplift and reduced fraud rates.

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