TickX offers consumers the easiest way to discover events, find the best tickets and track their local or favourite venues.

Launched in September 2015 with the backing of Ministry of Sound, TickX aims to become the global destination for events and experiences. They bring together 75+ ticket sellers so you can discover all the events and compare ticket prices in a single place.


A common problem in the online retail space is to improve the second time purchase rate, from sector to sector only 20 – 27% of first time purchasers make a second purchase.

TickX were looking for innovative solutions to improve their understanding of their customer base. In particular they were keen to discover more about the interests of their customers in addition to traditional methods such as transactional data or browser behaviour.

The customer onboarding includes an option for customers to tell TickX more about the kinds of interests they have and the kinds of locations they are most interested to hear about events. While many customers make use of this service, a number of customers skipped this section, so TickX were exploring ways they could automate the process.

Hello Soda are a proud partner of TickX
Hello Soda are a proud partner of TickX


Hello Soda’s solution allows TickX to capture a 360 degree view of customers with explicit consent at the point of registration including details on bands and artists they like and the kinds of venues they prefer to attend. Having this view allows TickX to send out relevant marketing to clients to significantly lift the second time purchase rate.

As an example; if a customer has mentioned in a post that they attended the Glastonbury Festival and made a comment that they really enjoyed watching the Foo Fighters, Hello Soda’s analytics captures this insights. Once extracted, that means as new dates are released for the Foo Fighters concerts, TickX can send information to those customers most interested. Personalised content like this has a significant effect on sales uplift and loyalty.

TickX are always looking to provide an excellent service to their customer, the ability to digitally connect with consumers helps deliver useful insights for the business but ensures a frictionless journey for the customer.

“We’re always looking to offer our customers the best possible experience when finding and buying tickets with TickX. So, we’re delighted to be working with Hello Soda who will bring their advanced AI analytics platform to TickX to help us offer a more personalised service to our customers and provide them with even more value.”
Sam Coley – Chief Technology Officer
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