Offerd helps businesses remote screen and interview candidates from anywhere in the world.

They help recruiters save vital time in the hiring process by combining digital CVs, testing, video interviews and interview scheduling together in one automated process. As a result, a day’s work that would have taken 10 hours, now takes 5 minutes.


To a growing business, onboarding speed is of paramount importance.

Offerd were looking to optimise their onboarding process and incorporate regulatory checks in order to onboard customers quickly and more efficiently. They needed a partner to help improve their process and aid business development.

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At Hello Soda, we provide a range of global solutions that conform to all regulatory requirements via our single API, Sodium.

We provide a unique, real-time ID scoring system which intelligently verifies identity and can be sure your customers are who they say they are. With Sodium, you can switch products on and off as your requirements change; utilise a single element or multiple processes – it’s entirely up to you.

Offerd utilise iDocufy and BioMatch with PEPCheck to instantly approve new customers through our waterfall method, making their onboarding more robust while not hindering the time it takes to approve new customers.

We were looking for a service to provide AML & KYC checks in order to onboard customers onto our platform. Partnering with Hello Soda has satisfied all of our requirements and they have provided a valuable, easy-to-use service, which is great!”
Jamie Beaumont – Founder
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