MoneyLion was founded in 2013 to make money more approachable and to empower consumers to take greater control of their financial lives.

MoneyLion believe that by building better, smarter products they can help people to build positive, sustainable financial habits.

MoneyLion are dedicated to responsible lending. They needed a solution that would offer greater insight into their customers’ spending patterns, affordability, and intent to pay.

Our underwriting technology interprets unstructured data from a consumer’s digital footprint and turns this element of Big Data into Smart Data (i.e. meaningful information) to speed up the decision making process and identify fraudulent activity.

From the insight gained through data mining to the more challenging psycholinguistic analysis of natural language, Profil iD can detect character or personality traits. Having access to such deep-grain insight enables MoneyLion to make more informed lending decisions, and allows them to connect with would-be-borrowers in a much more meaningful manner.

“We use Hello Soda to truly verify that a customer is a real human being. Hello Soda provides a quick and easy way to verify identity without MoneyLion having to make time consuming phone calls or by spending money to go to national databases.”
Dee Choubey – CEO
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