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Krungsri is the fifth largest bank in Thailand, offering a wide range of products to their customers.

Having been an established and leading financial institution for over 70 years, Krungsri provides a full range of banking services to both commercial and individual customers. The company prides itself on having global reach and being committed responsibly to meeting needs of their customers.


Krungsri are aware that times are changing and that in the near future everything is going to be digital.

Currently, they know their customers on paper, but they don’t have any information surrounding their digital footprint.

Krungsri looked to Hello Soda to find out how our solutions could enable them to know more about their customers than they would traditionally.

Hello Soda help Krungsri improve their personalisation
Krungsri utilise marketing personalisation


Hello Soda’s personalisation solution allows Krungsri to capture a 360 degree view of their customers with explicit consent at the point of registration, including life events and an estimated date of pay.

The data that is analysed by Hello Soda’s Profile engine links directly to Krungsri’s CRM system, allowing Krungsri to market their relevant products to their customers at the right time.