FastCoin is a global team of cryptocurrency experts that seek to make blockchain technology and practices easy to use and understand.

They sell a variety of cryptocurrencies in local currency for over 180 countries with instant delivery.


As crypto regulations evolve, so too do the checks necessary to remain compliant and profitable. FastCoin Express’ user-friendly exchange platform is the first technology of its kind to enable fast cryptocurrency transactions. With them, you can buy your favorite coins in just a few clicks and receive them within 60 minutes – the fastest average market time by far.

As such, they needed an identity verification partner who could perform the necessary KYC & AML checks without hampering their fast and efficient onboarding process.

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At Hello Soda, we provide a range of solutions and specialise in cryptocurrency KYC checks all available via our single API, Sodium.

With Sodium, you can switch products on and off as your requirements change; FastCoin Express utilise iDocufy, UtilityConnect and BioMatch with PEPCheck to instantly approve new customers through our waterfall method, making their onboarding more robust while not hindering the time it takes to approve new customers.

As a Cryptocurrency business selling online, performing ID verification checks and being able to receive funds all within a matter of seconds is why Hello Soda stood out to us.
Before I engaged with Hello Soda I performed extensive research to find the right partner. Having spoken with a big player in the market I recommended Hello Soda. 
Working with Hello Soda has enabled us to implement a game-changing process. In a matter of seconds, we perform the appropriate KYC check to verify name, date of birth and address. At the same time, we’re also able to perform additional AML checks such as PEPs & Sanctions. This is all done via one API which makes it a perfect partnership for me and my team.”
Obner Mozarino – Director
FastCoin Express
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