Case Studies

Our global solutions span over 165 countries



Paysafe Group

Hello Soda and their AML/KYC solution PROFILE ID have enabled us to onboard many more customers worldwide, whilst mitigating the risk of impersonation fraud. PROFILE ID provides us with a global solution that helps us verify the identity of our customers and their location without the constraints of traditional country-centric ID check providers.”

- Jonathan Wilson, Vice President Risk Management at Paysafe Group


We’re always looking to offer our customers the best possible experience when finding and buying tickets with TickX. So, we’re delighted to be working with Hello Soda who will bring their advanced AI analytics platform to TickX to help us offer a more personalised service to our customers and provide them with even more value.”

- Sam Coley, Chief Technology Officer at TickX


As a global company, ecommerce and digital communications make up the majority of the customer journey. Euroflorist remain dedicated to delivering an up-to-date, personalised customer experience, and are delighted to be partnering with Hello Soda to become vanguards of the digital age.”

- Alex Bloemendal, eCom director at Euroflorist Group

Broadstone Engage

"Hello Soda impressed us with its personal approach to our business, which is the first of its kind in the security and events sector. We use the data in our platform to enhance our relationships with jobseekers and employers, and to ensure automated decisions are accurate, appropriate and consistent."

- Broadstone founder and director Tom Pickersgill.


“We use Hello Soda to truly verify that a customer is a real human being.  Hello Soda provides a quick and easy way to verify identity without MoneyLion having to make time consuming phone calls or by spending money to go to national databases.”
— Dee Choubey, CEO, MoneyLion.



“We are impressed with how much insight Hello Soda software provides. Using PROFILE has enabled us to interact better with our customers through personalising the loan application process and empowering consumers to better understand traditional and alternative credit scoring.”
— Tim Kirby, Group Sales Director, CreditAngel


Visa Europe Collab

“Exploring the potential that social data has for making the payments world more inclusive, safer and better for consumers is very much aligned with Visa’s core values, and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to work together in order to articulate a vision of what the future could hold in this area.”

— Mike Philpotts, Innovation Partner at Visa Europe Collab.

Use Cases

Automotive Use Case

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Cryptocurrency Use Case

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Gaming Use Case

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Merchant Use Case

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Payments Use Case

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Retail Fraud Use Case

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