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In our series of TECHTalks with Hello Soda’s Chief Technical Officer, Symeon Breen, we addressed some of the most common technical questions that we are asked as a global FinTech business.

In this blog we discuss the different questions that we are frequently asked as a business and Symeon gives us some of the key answers we were looking for.

What type of architecture is used at Hello Soda?

At Hello Soda we use a microservices architecture hosted in the cloud for the best architecture structure possible. Within this we use a hybrid message-based and service-based structure within the 90 microservices. 

Symeon goes into more detail about this in the video below.

How is security ensured and maintained at Hello Soda?

Security is a key part of our development, and is one of the most important aspects of development and deployment work at Hello Soda. We monitor and alert all traffic that goes into our systems so we know exactly what is going on at any moment. 

Find out more information about how we maintain security in Symeon’s talk below.

How is operation performance optimised?

Performance is a key part of our architecture; each of our services can be independently scaled. We are collecting around 360 million events per month in our telemetry so we are able to make really quick and accurate predictions.

Hear more about this from Symeon in the following video.

How is client integration managed?

Our global identity verification solution can be integrated into a multitude of different solutions and applications with ease. This is done through our single API to support different workflows as simply and quickly as possible.

Symeon delves deeper into this in the video below.

How does the tech team work at Hello Soda?

We are very proud of how our tech team works – using an agile methodology. We have a strong DevOps mindset that allows our team to understand the processes that need to take place. The strong passion within the technical, data science and infrastructure teams allows us to do up 50 releases each month into production. 

Find out more about our team structure in this video.

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At Hello Soda, we pride ourselves on our global solutions that are easily integrated into a wide variety of workflows, solutions and applications. You can learn more about our identity verification solutions here

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