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Here at Hello Soda, we’re constantly updating our offering to ensure our product suite meets industry & regulatory demands and remains the number one destination for identity verification and fraud prevention.

We recently caught up with Symeon Breen, our Chief Technical Officer, to see what new and innovative projects the Tech team have been working on in the last quarter.

What has the tech team been working on over the last quarter?

Being the first of the year, the last quarter has been a particularly busy one and the team have been working on a number of projects. We’ve continued developing our hosted pages and adding utility providers to our UtilityConnect product. We’ve also been rationalising our data models, making them more efficient and, as part of our progressive improvements, bringing them up to date with the latest techniques and resources.

The biggest project of the last quarter however, was the launch of our KYC Portal, which enables organisations to not only view the status of their customer onboarding checks for our whole KYC & AML product suite, but provides the opportunity to send multiple new ID requests to customers for all active Sodium products from one location:

This marked the single biggest overhaul of the positioning of our services, and the response so far has been great. 

The second development of our product suite has been adding passive liveness detection to our flagship biometric solution, BioMatch

Passive liveness detection is more secure than active liveness as a single frame solution is imperceptible to users without indication of when it is happening or what it is looking for. This means that fraudsters do not get any heads up or clues on how to beat it.

T​​his allows us to safely and securely verify customer identity with less false positives and ensures they are up and running on our clients’ platforms more quickly.

What have the tech team enjoyed most?

In the Tech team, we love working on projects where the end user is in mind. As such, it’s been great working the launch of Sodium Portal and developing the MFA support of UtilityConnect.

These are projects which enhance our product suite and ultimately benefit the end users of our solutions.

What has been the biggest challenge?

One thing we thought may be a challenge which turned out not to be is the fact everyone has been working remotely. The transition has been seamless and productivity within the team has remained high, which is great! 

How have you overcome those challenges?

We have a great team and for the most part already had the processes in place to enable a smooth transition to remote working; we have daily catch-ups, streamlined processes and utilise agile methodology, plus some of the team are used to remote working.

What will the tech team be working on in the next quarter?  

Last quarter we launched Sodium Portal with the capability to integrate all of our solutions; Profile ID, iDocufy, PepCheck, BureauMatch, UtilityConnect and Fraud Web.

Another major project for the Tech team this quarter is to enable NFC capability to our flagship document verification tool, iDocufy. 

iDocufy will soon be able to scan and capture information contained within chip-enabled e-passports which enables a more secure way for customers to verify their identity.

Thank you Symeon! Look out for the next Tech Talks update coming soon.

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