Tech Talks Sym October 19

We caught up with Sym, our Chief Technical Officer, for an update on what’s new, innovative, and exciting in the Tech Team this quarter. And there’s a lot going on!

If you like tech, then read on…

Q. What’s the tech team been working on this last quarter? 

Lots of things! Our single API, which is highly flexible, has been our main job, working with lots of different global clients, to use it in new and interesting ways that we never envisaged, which is making it extremely flexible.

And we’re delighted to not be prescriptive with clients, but instead  we’re making it fit to different client needs. That means different sizes, sectors, legislations, that all offer complexity, but we’ve made it work exceptionally well, and we’re all very proud.

Plus our new Dark Web API went live recently, so that’s also very interesting, and very useful to our clients. 

Q. What have you enjoyed most?

The fast pace of the delivery cycle!

We used to do around 5 releases a month, now it’s up to 15 to 20, and next month it will be 25, so we’re constantly delivering value to our clients and their customers. We’re creating new sets of features, new changes, updates for existing clients, which is making them all very happy!

Q. What’s the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is delivering into an international user base, with all the different ways of working, and features, that are needed. Different regulatory aspects, and a million other things, in terms of delivering exceptional services that can be used in any country in the world. But we’ve managed. 

Q. How you overcoming the challenge?

We have a great team, and a streamlined process and agile methodology, and we’re learning every day, and working closely with clients to deliver bespoke solutions for what they need and the new challenges they face. So in general it’s about good teamwork, and working closely with with client-base to solve problems and create better, smarter, more innovative solutions. 

Q. What’s the tech team going to work on in the next quarter?  

Improvements to our PEPS and Sanctions software PEPCheck, which is hugely important right now, and in high demand due to 5AMLD regulatory requirements in Europe and beyond.

We’re also doing some exciting integrations with major partners, which I can’t go public about I’m afraid, but we’re going further than we ever have before!

And we’re working on improvements to our internal telemetry, and we’re collecting several hundred million data points per month around the performance and scalability of our micro services and environment. So that will keep us busy!

Also, we’re currently in 177 countries and within the next quarter we hope and very much expect to cover a lot more. It would be great to get to 195!

Thanks Sym! We hope to get to 195 too!

Readers, look out for the next Tech Talks update coming soon!

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