Is It Time to Refresh Your Customer Personas?

Technological innovation is changing the way we live our daily lives, transforming the digital landscape at an exponential rate. While it, and the wider world continues to evolve, consumer needs and intent evolve in sync.

Companies regularly evolve and update their services and product offering to keep up with the times, but how often do they refresh their customer personas?


How to Target Your Key Audience

Given the current economic state and the amount of competition businesses face, having a well-defined target audience is more important than ever; no one can afford to target everyone. 

Small businesses can effectively compete with large companies by targeting their niche market. But, how do you define the people most likely to buy your products or services?

Age Verification

The Benefits and Challenges of Online Age Verification

It is estimated that 2.14 billion people now buy products or services online, 27.43% of the global population. Technological advancement has ensured growing numbers of businesses realise the necessity of, not just being online, but providing a first-class digital experience.

The e-commerce landscape has been revolutionised in recent years and with features like next-day shipping, secure payment methods and virtual changing rooms, shoppers feel much more confident in making online purchases. But this high-demand has seen the industry face unforeseen challenges.

Choosing the Right Identity Verification Service

Choosing the Right Identity Verification Service

In the digital age we live, the more efficient your methods of onboarding customers, the faster your business will experience growth. But, with ever-evolving forms of regulation and a growing list of providers and solutions, choosing the right form of identity verification which is both robust and compliant is becoming increasingly difficult…

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