Future of marketing & how to make your brand stand out

The future of marketing and how to make your brand stand out

Imagine being part of a generation who grew up with the ability to get anything they wanted from the touch of a button. Now imagine those same experiences applying to everyone, how can you market to them whilst understanding their needs?

When considering the future of your marketing methods, it is important to not only consider current spenders but future spenders as well. Imagine knowing when they’re likely to spend too.

Why EmailValidate is key to preventing fraud online

Why email validation is the key to preventing fraud online

Fraud prevention is one of the most important areas for a business, however, this can be challenging if the right solutions are not in place.

Having the right KYC solutions in place, working seamlessly together can deliver many advantages for a business. With all our KYC, AML and fraud prevention products working seamlessly together through our technology platform is one of the many reasons clients choose Hello Soda.

Challenges of KYC for SMEs

The Challenges of KYC for SMEs

Most regulated markets, certainly in the financial services world, require organisations to perform Know Your Customer checks (also known as KYC). Adhering to these regulations and maintaining compliance can be a costly process, especially if that process isn’t automated.

KYC can be challenging for organisations of all sizes but is especially daunting for small to medium-sized businesses. If you are an SME business you need not worry, there are some simple and effective ways to comply with KYC and AML mandates – without breaking the bank.

The value of customer loyalty

The value of customer loyalty and how to increase it

If you are looking to increase customer loyalty then leveraging digital data will enable you to deliver a more in-depth personalised experience for your customers.

The big issue with benefiting from the increased value of loyal customers is that, in today’s digital society, consumers are overwhelmed with options meaning that you have to do something different in order to win them over in such a competitive market.

The future of retail with Hello Soda

The Future of Retail: Our Round Up

It’s been a few weeks since we held our panel discussion around The Future of Retail. We had an incredible line up of panelists, including Hannah Anderson, Director of Social & Creative at Media Chain and Founder of The Pud Store, Frances Bishop. A huge thank you to all eight panelists for joining us and making the event as fantastic as it was!

Here’s what we took away from the event.

The Future of Retail Marketing

The Future of Retail Marketing

In this day and age generalised blanket messaging results in low engagement and click-throughs, gone are the days of competing with price reductions and seasonal, overly generalised coupons and offers. It is now simply expected by customers that promotional tactics such as email marketing are not only relevant, but personalised.

We’re going to Money20/20 Europe

Following the success and fun we had at this year’s events, including ICE Totally Gaming and SXSW, we can finally announce that Hello Soda will be exhibiting at Money20/20 Europe for the first time!

Hello Soda will be present throughout the event in Amsterdam – you will be able to find us at Stand L45 from Monday 4th June through to Wednesday 6th June. Pop by to find out more about how your company could benefit from the ID and Personalisation big data solutions that we have to offer.

Three of our big data specialists will be attending the event from our Manchester HQ and would love the chance to catch up with other businesses.

The future of money

We’re excited to hear talks on payments, artificial intelligence and data analytics – all areas that we’re experts in. Let’s catch up while we’re there and build the future of money together.

Our diaries are filling up quickly, so get in touch now to booking a meeting with the team, or simply pop down to our stand for a quick chat.

We look forward to seeing you there!


2 steps to better ad engagement

When it comes to understanding your consumers, there are many factors to consider.

Regardless of demographics, a consumer’s interests and personality type can determine how they are likely to react to certain products, services, and types of messaging, and – most importantly – whether are likely to engage with the content that you are presenting them with.

Every individual is different and blanket messaging results in low engagement and click-through rates. While it may appear cheaper to spend less time on segmenting your audience and developing your content, it actually is counter-productive in getting results due to consumers becoming frustrated when presented with irrelevant marketing – many admit that they are less likely to purchase from a brand that continually market to them in this way. (get stat)

Let’s go through the process of increasing engagement without increasing spend by creating hyper-targeted ads.

Step 1 – Get to know your audience

There’s very little to gain by segmenting audiences demographically anymore. Perhaps you could get away with this minimalist approach a few years ago when personalisation wasn’t so rife but these days, consumers expect more so – to garner their attention – you have to give more.

The factors to consider when segmenting audiences are seemingly limitless, think beyond age, gender and where they live (you can obviously factor these in too) towards interests, hobbies, personality, frequent locations and much more.

When we say ‘interests’, we don’t just mean are they interested in yoga for example, we mean are they fanatical about Bikram yoga, are they a potential customer (frequent class attendee or beginner), or are they an influencer (perhaps a popular yoga teacher with a mass following.)?

Now you have the ‘what’, consider the ‘how’. How would these consumers respond to your messaging and how can you tailor your approach for maximum engagement? Segmenting by personality type can allow you to determine who will respond to messaging emphasising socialising and who would prefer informational ads over aesthetic ones.

There are services out there that do this hard work for you – all you need to say is the kind of audience you want and the type of product or service you are marketing and boom you can get the hyper-targeted audience that will deliver a much higher engagement rate at a lower cost-per-click than our typical campaign based on keywords.

Step 2: Create your content

Now you have your audiences, you need to tailor your content to each persona. Whether you’ve settled on 3 audiences or 10, relevant content for each is crucial to the success of your campaign.

Let’s use the example of a kitchen-wear retailer. You want to know what product to present and how to present it. Consumers living in a city centre flat, interested in artisan coffee and vegan, gluten-free cooking probably won’t respond to an ad in the same way that consumers with large families living in the countryside with more interest in convenience.

With this advanced insight you can market a vegetable spiralizer to the first audience with emphasis on health benefits and playing on the trend and a slow-cooker to the second audience with content highlighting the convenience of cooking multiple portions in one pot and allowing it to cook while you go about your day.

There you go. Make these two steps part of your targeted marketing process and watch your engagement increase…


Give your consumers a taste of what they want

Have you ever wanted to know when your customers dine out, what cuisines they like, or who they’re likely to go out with? All of this data is like a goldmine waiting to be discovered in their digital footprint. Below I am going to discuss a few ways you can leverage this data to adapt your customer communications for optimised timing and content to maximise your marketing ROI.

Today’s abundance of promotions and offers are driving 31%* of individuals to dine out at least once a week, but how can you tailor your marketing to make sure that they want to dine at your establishment, or order from your delivery service?

Know when your customers dine out

A huge 79%* of adults have dined out for their birthday, with a further 67%* doing so for a partner’s birthday, 61%* for a trip to the cinema, 47%* for a child’s birthday, and 28%* for a trip to a sporting event. Connecting to your consumers’ digital footprints with advanced text analytics tools can give you the insights that you need to predict when these occasions occur including real-time alerts for life events such as anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays.

Make their day

Payday is one of the prime times that people go out for food, with 18%* of consumers marking the date with a meal out. Predicting this key date in your customers’ diaries can accurately enable you to determine when they are likely to go out for a meal and time your marketing or offers for optimum engagement. As well as many other meaningful insights, with PROFILE’s advanced text analytics techniques, you can identify date of pay of your connected consumers and leverage this insight to maximise ROI. 

A social activity

Dining out is rarely a solo activity. With PROFILE you can identify who they interact with the most and predict who they would be likely to share your offers with. As well as this, you can also identify their social influence levels and target offers based on who has the most reach (after all, one in two consumers give recommendations to their peers and what better way to boost brand awareness than through a friendly recommendation?) 

Give your customers a taste of what they want

It’s not enough to just predict when your customers want to treat themselves, fending off the competition and ensuring that your establishment is the most tantalising option can be tricky. This is where interests and preferences come into play. Research from American Express has found that 34%* of 18-34-year-olds will go out of their way to used a customised offer. With PROFILE, you can identify their frequent and recent locations, their specific interests (for example if they love football and their favourite team is Manchester United, you could send an offer for when you’re showing the match), their favourite cuisines (so you can tailor marketing to make their mouth water), and even their dietary requirements (are they vegan?)

Each piece of insight available at your fingertips can be used to build a better, more complete picture of your consumers and tailor your marketing to drastically improve engagement and ROI.

Get in touch to book a demo or find out more


*Source: https://trajectorypartnership.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/SaclaReport_v19FINAL.pdf


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