Age Verification

The Benefits and Challenges of Online Age Verification

It is estimated that 2.14 billion people now buy products or services online, 27.43% of the global population. Technological advancement has ensured growing numbers of businesses realise the necessity of, not just being online, but providing a first-class digital experience.

The e-commerce landscape has been revolutionised in recent years and with features like next-day shipping, secure payment methods and virtual changing rooms, shoppers feel much more confident in making online purchases. But this high-demand has seen the industry face unforeseen challenges.


Can Digital Identity Verification Save the Sharing Economy?

Sharing economy platforms had permeated almost every aspect of consumer lives well before COVID-19, but the pandemic, as well as advances in AI and alternative data, have helped further accelerate the adoption and use of these technologies.

But how do platforms such as Uber and Deliveroo ensure supply meets demand? Here, we will explore how digital identity verification can help the sharing economy.


How Remote Onboarding Has Grown FinTechs

The shift to digital was taking place well before COVID-19, but the pandemic, as well as advances in AI and alternative data, have helped accelerate the adoption and use of digital technology. Growing numbers of businesses are realising the necessity of, not just being online, but providing a first-class digital experience.

We almost take this new world for granted; from video conferencing and saving all of our information on the cloud, to startup brands having instant access to their customers – globally, people are becoming more connected with the use of digital solutions.

Consequently, businesses have had no choice but to innovate – and quickly – or risk losing market share and reputation to their more digitally nimble competitors.


How Anonymous Is Cryptocurrency?

In the early days, it was commonly thought that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were a safe haven for criminals because they were untraceable and entirely anonymous. 

However, as organisations and the public gained a better understanding of blockchain technology, it became apparent that Bitcoin’s public transaction ledger was, in-fact, a gold mine of information for authorities. But the question still remains, how anonymous is cryptocurrency? 


AML & KYC: What Is the Difference?

The global regulatory landscape is diverse and financial institutions must keep pace with developing rules in order to remain compliant. Given the proximity of terms like ‘AML’ and ‘KYC’ and the fact that they are often used interchangeably, it can be difficult to understand how they differ in a regulatory context. In this post, we look to explore the function of these terms and how they relate to each other.


The Biggest Threats to Banks

Today’s financial landscape is very different to that of yesteryear. Countless new business practices, regulations and compliance procedures have emerged, while technological innovation has rapidly changed business models and operational processes.

Those who wish to access financial services are no longer limited to the banks on their local high-street; technological advancement and an influx of funding has provided options while opening doors to a previously unbanked population. This, along with increased regulations and cyber-security risks are just some of the modern-day threats to banks.


Black Friday: Make Sure You Can Handle the Demand

As the festive season approaches, the retail landscape this year is very different to almost any in living memory. Black Friday signals the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and while high street stores up and down the country have been forced to close their doors, it’s never been so important for businesses to provide a first-class digital experience.

Avoid Onboarding Mistakes

The Most Common Mistakes When Onboarding New Gaming Players

The initial interactions a new customer has with your business set the tone for the entire relationship; the likelihood of a customer sticking with you (and recommending you to others) increases with the level of emphasis you put on creating an excellent onboarding process.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your onboarding process is robust, efficient and compliant and your customers can begin using your products as quickly as possible, with minimal drop-offs. Here, we explore some of the most common mistakes operators make when onboarding new gaming customers.

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