Age Verification

The Benefits and Challenges of Online Age Verification

It is estimated that 2.14 billion people now buy products or services online, 27.43% of the global population. Technological advancement has ensured growing numbers of businesses realise the necessity of, not just being online, but providing a first-class digital experience.

The e-commerce landscape has been revolutionised in recent years and with features like next-day shipping, secure payment methods and virtual changing rooms, shoppers feel much more confident in making online purchases. But this high-demand has seen the industry face unforeseen challenges.

Choosing the Right Identity Verification Service

Choosing the Right Identity Verification Service

In the digital age we live, the more efficient your methods of onboarding customers, the faster your business will experience growth. But, with ever-evolving forms of regulation and a growing list of providers and solutions, choosing the right form of identity verification which is both robust and compliant is becoming increasingly difficult…

Solution Series iDocufy

Solution Series: iDocufy and insights on automated document verification

This is the next installment of the Solution Series, where we share an overview of our key KYC & AML solutions. This time it’s iDocufy, which offers automated identity document verification, using software that can recognise and read any national ID document in the world, in seconds. 

This is everything you need to know, with a product sheet available to download at the end…


How we verify any National ID Card in the world in seconds using iDocufy

Identity verification is becoming more important and enhanced around the world. Many customers are now required to verify photo ID and in many countries this is commonly a national ID Card (for example the NADRA national identity card of Pakistan). Our solution allows you to verify any ID card in the world in seconds.  

Here we tell you how we enable it using iDocufy

3 top tips for choosing acceptable forms of ID

3 top tips for choosing acceptable forms of ID

It may be hard to know which types of ID to choose as acceptable forms for new customers to verify themselves. There are many challenges and considerations, especially for global companies, with customers in different countries that each have different forms of ID. 

Here we give you some top tips to help….

Hello Soda - KYC & AML Checks

Why traditional validation isn’t the only approach you should consider

Do traditional validation and verification checks do the job these days? At Hello Soda, we’re strong believers in looking to alternative data verification solutions, but why?

Ensuring that businesses have secure and reliable identity verification processes in place has always been a top priority for businesses, but with the abundance of digital data now available, do businesses truly have to rely solely on traditional checks?

Top tips for identifying fake documents

3 Top Tips for Identifying Fake Documents

Traditional methods of verifying a customer’s identity are very much still alive. Manual checks of identity documents are still widely used by a variety of different sectors in an attempt to prevent fraud, but how can fake documents be identified to ensure they don’t pass the test?

Manual identity verification checks are not just time consuming, but also produce a lengthy and clunky onboarding process for your customers. How can we identify fake documents in an automated and simpler manner?

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