Avoid Onboarding Mistakes

The Most Common Mistakes When Onboarding New Gaming Players

The initial interactions a new customer has with your business set the tone for the entire relationship; the likelihood of a customer sticking with you (and recommending you to others) increases with the level of emphasis you put on creating an excellent onboarding process.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your onboarding process is robust, efficient and compliant and your customers can begin using your products as quickly as possible, with minimal drop-offs. Here, we explore some of the most common mistakes operators make when onboarding new gaming customers.

Gambling VIP schemes

The UKGC Is Clamping Down on VIP Schemes

The UK Gambling Commission has announced what they’re calling ‘strict new guidance’ for the way operators will have to handle VIP customer schemes moving forward. Provided that suppliers follow the new guidance, ‘there should be no irresponsible incentivisation of high-value customers in the future.’

How enhanced KYC checks increase brand loyalty

How Enhanced KYC Checks Increase Brand Loyalty

These days, customers expect far more from brands and organisations than just their primary service. Consumers are made more aware of company practice and will often favour a brand that aligns to their views over cheaper or quicker alternatives.

But how can you foster loyalty in your brand? This post will explore how implementing robust and compliant KYC checks can help cultivate emotional, lasting relationships with your customers.

7 Principles of Better Onboarding User Experience

7 Principles for Better Onboarding Players

Ensuring that your customer has a positive onboarding experience is key to avoiding drop-offs and enhancing the user experience. 

When a customer signs up to your business, the onboarding process is the first experience of your business that they will see. The impact of this can be huge. If a customer has a negative experience, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere.

3 ways to onboard more in gaming customers

Ways to instantly onboard more gaming users

2020 was forecast to be a year of growth for many gaming operators, which now looks unlikely given the global impact of COVID-19.

However, there has been some positive uplift in the industry due to an increase in online players who are have been turning to online casino-style games in the wake of global ‘lockdown’ measures. Players are turning to games such as virtual slot machines and online bingo as a way to while away time at home.

The clock is ticking – can you onboard your customers in time?

The clock is ticking – can you onboard your customers in time?

Over the past few decades a body of research has grown confirming the fact that not only do humans base a huge amount of both their short and long term judgements on their first impressions, they form them remarkably quickly.

According to a prominent Harvard psychologist, the role our initial judgements play is firstly to determine whether a person can first be trusted, and secondarily whether they can be respected – in official terms, their warmth and competence.

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