The Profile of a Fraudster

It is estimated that in 2019, criminals made $4.2 trillion from fraudulent activity worldwide. Millions of people are affected by fraud every year, but how can you take measures to prevent it and what does a typical fraudster look like? With criminals using more and more sophisticated methods of fraud, it’s never been more important to safeguard your identity.

Black Friday: Make Sure You Can Handle the Demand

As the festive season approaches, the retail landscape this year is very different to almost any in living memory. Black Friday signals the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and while high street stores up and down the country have been forced to close their doors, it’s never been so important for businesses to provide a first-class digital experience.

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The world is a very different place to what it was last year, never mind 10 years ago. The adoption and use of digital technology has been accelerated due to advances in AI and alternative data.

This acceleration in growth has had a massive impact on the way we live our daily lives, but it’s also had an impact on how exposed our identities can be to fraudsters.

Global AML Regulation

AML Regulations Around the World

The global AML landscape is diverse and financial institutions must keep pace with developing rules and regulations in order to remain compliant.

Where a business is functioning determines the local and international regulations they need to comply with in order to continue operating. In this post, we look to explore some of the most prominent regulatory bodies, the territories they cover and how they differ.

Do You Know How Your Identity Is Used in a Day?

Do You Know How Your Identity Is Used in a Day?

It is estimated that the cost of identity fraud to the UK economy is £5.4billion and that cybercrime and fraud make up almost 50% of reported crime. Your identity is arguably your most valuable asset, but how often are you aware of all the ways that you use it to transact? With the lines of physical and digital identity becoming increasingly blurred, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your identity during transactions.

The Dark Web: An invisible weapon

The Dark Web: An invisible weapon

Today we all find ourselves dealing with a global pandemic, not only is that a scary thought but we have the extra worry of knowing fraudsters have ramped up their efforts to steal and sell our identities on the dark web.

Following on from our recent article; The Dark Web: Is my data out there? I want to bring to your attention Fraud Web, our latest product designed to search the dark web in real-time for your customer’s identity information.

The clock is ticking – can you onboard your customers in time?

The clock is ticking – can you onboard your customers in time?

Over the past few decades a body of research has grown confirming the fact that not only do humans base a huge amount of both their short and long term judgements on their first impressions, they form them remarkably quickly.

According to a prominent Harvard psychologist, the role our initial judgements play is firstly to determine whether a person can first be trusted, and secondarily whether they can be respected – in official terms, their warmth and competence.

Gaming Webinar | Hello Soda

Ways To Improve Customer Experience And Why Live Utility Data Can Help

Delivering a smooth customer onboarding process whilst meeting regulations can be challenging for most gaming operators. How can you ensure a great UX whilst adhering to regulations?

Today we’re launching our ‘on-demand’ webinar which focuses on ways to improve the onboarding process for your customers using live utility data. Yes, that’s right, utility data.

Santa Fraud: How to avoid being scammed at Christmas

Santa Fraud: How to avoid being scammed at Christmas

This holiday season will be a joyous one, for criminals. The festive season is a busy money spending period, and that makes it easier for fraudsters to steal your money.

At Hello Soda we prevent fraud for global companies, but we thought it would be a nice present to share some simple tips (that you can share with friends and family) on how to protect yourselves from any scams. 

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