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What’s the future for identity verification?

As we know, FinTech developments are causing continuous waves of change within the payments industry. With an influx of new alternative companies entering the payments sphere traditional brick-and-mortar banks are concerned. FinTech alternatives can provide a seamless user journey with greater customer service and easy use. However, lack of security continues to hampered growth in the market.

Providing Identity Verification solutions for Visa

The Payments Industry’s Digital Evolution

The payments industry is the foundation of financial services and critical for functional business. It is an industry that has evolved significantly since its outset. The rise of the digital revolution is no different. In most recent years fintech advancements have revolutionised the payments industry and physical money could be a thing of the past as payments made with a smartphone become commonplace within society. 

Top tips to prevent under age purchases

Let’s discuss the future of fintech

Our very own Scott Woodcock will be speaking at the highly anticipated Future of Fintech event, hosted by Business Cloud on the 19th of July in KPMG’s Manchester offices.

Speaking alongside other industry experts from Iconic Blockchain, Padoq, White Label Crowdfunding, and more, Scott will be discussing technological advancements in the financial services industry

Scott is responsible for growing new business opportunities within Financial Services for Hello Soda’s ID and Fraud Solutions which leverage alternative and digital data for improved and efficient decisioning. Scott previously worked for GBG Plc for 6 years as a Business Development Manager focusing in the fraud space.

Join Scott & others from 7.30am – 9.30am on 19th July.

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