How to minimise potential disruption with PSD2 blog

How to minimise potential disruption with PSD2

Learn how to avoid unnecessary problems for customers, and instead improve conversions.

The PSD2 deadline of September 14th has passed, but some e-commerce companies still have time to implement SCA for online card transactions (possibly up to 14 March 2021). As such, for those who still need to implement SCA, all of the information below still applies. 

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Mobile Validate will ensure SMS verification for SCA actually works

New requirements for authenticating online payments have been introduced in Europe as part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

The new regulations, put in place to prevent fraud, require customers to use an access code sent to their mobile phone. The number must be entered at checkout to confirm payment. It’s classed as two-factor authentication (2FA) to validate the customer and the transaction. 

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Why SMS verification isn’t a good idea

SMS verification has become increasingly popular over recent years, to ensure a high level of security when validating a customer’s account.

By utilising a customer’s phone number to validate their account allows a business to ensure that the phone number given is active and is also accessible by the customer. This method of validation has become more popular than email verification recently – but should businesses solely rely on SMS verification?

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