PayExpo was a rollercoaster and here were the highs blog

Gasp! PayExpo was a rollercoaster, and we’ve just come up for air. We met hundreds of new people, from interesting and diverse companies, waxed lyrical with our esteemed clients, gave a thrilling talk on preventing fraud whilst improving UX, took part in a Retail Payments panel about speed vs security, and gave out insights, explanations and walkthroughs to the beautiful people who graced our stand. 

We also attended some sensational talks. Here were the highs:

Fintech and the evolution of banking 

Panel Discussion; The state of play amongst challenger banks. A banking revolution is in full swing and a new wave of banks is challenging and changing the face of banking. New banks, neo-banks, beta banks and non-banks discuss partnerships, agility & speed, profitability and scalability, payments in-house innovation and the launch of new products.

We love innovation in the payments and fintech space, so loved to hear what was going on, and talk to new and evolving companies about how we enhance KYC in this space. 


Panel Discussion; The route to digital transformation, from technical to cultural standpoints. With more and more competition from challenger banks and other start-ups, banks need to fight harder to stay relevant. The need of the hour is a flexible and agile operating environment, however, legacy systems in traditional banks have hard coded rules. This panel will discuss how banks need to overcome the limitations of their legacy systems and work on shifting the company’s culture.

Anything that’s about agility gets our attention, we love to hear about banks improving their systems, and using smarter and faster tools to enable their customers. 

Gaming Payments

Understanding Biometrics in Payments. Discover how biometric technology is revolutionizing the mobile payments landscape, digital banking and gaming markets and why robust biometric liveness detection will be important for digital on-boarding and ID&V solutions. What does it mean for consumers, how biometrics will play a significant role in Strong Customer Authentication within the PSD2 regulations. What are the pros and cons of biometric modalities.

We loved this. We’re proud of our best-in-class facial authentication software BioMatch, which is shortlisted for Best Use of Biometrics at the forthcoming Payments Awards 2019. So it’s exciting for us to see it being used in different sectors, including gaming, for SCA, and the benefit of blink for liveness test for extra security. 

Preventing Fraud Whilst Improving UX by James Langrick, our gaming and gambling sector specialist and Business Development Director at Hello Soda, was also of course, amazing!

Retail Payments

Panel discussion: Speed vs Security, Friction vs Fraud. Get to grips with new approaches in online/mobile fraud detection and prevention and discuss the true state of fraud today. Our experts will create a security roadmap for the next generation of payments, identify massive fraud trends, and forecast for the year ahead.

This stellar talk starred our very own Pamela McLoughlin, a specialist in retail finance at Hello Soda, who’s passionate about using real-time digital solutions like Profile iD to ensure security, whilst achieving the speed that customers want and need. And also…

Panel Discussion: Cashing in on payments tech. From AI & voice, to biometrics and Blockchain, the list of technologies disrupting the payments industry is growing rapidly. Analyse the latest emerging innovations, how to capitalise on the opportunities they present and discuss which technologies to adopt and when.

Again, we love innovation, it’s what we’re about. We work with Blockchain clients and with biometrics, so this was really our bag. 

Hello Soda stand and deliver

It was a pleasure to meet so many people at our stand, and deliver customer walkthroughs and demos on our digital screen, and talk about how our solutions transform the payments process across multiple sectors. 

If you didn’t get a chance to chat, or you’d like to know more, then get in touch to learn more or talk with any of the team, just click here. 

Thanks again!

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