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Ways To Improve Customer Experience And Why Live Utility Data Can Help

Delivering a smooth customer onboarding process whilst meeting regulations can be challenging for most gaming operators. How can you ensure a great UX whilst adhering to regulations?

Today we’re launching our ‘on-demand’ webinar which focuses on ways to improve the onboarding process for your customers using live utility data. Yes, that’s right, utility data.


How we verify any National ID Card in the world in seconds using iDocufy

Identity verification is becoming more important and enhanced around the world. Many customers are now required to verify photo ID and in many countries this is commonly a national ID Card (for example the NADRA national identity card of Pakistan). Our solution allows you to verify any ID card in the world in seconds.  

Here we tell you how we enable it using iDocufy

3 top tips for choosing acceptable forms of ID

3 top tips for choosing acceptable forms of ID

It may be hard to know which types of ID to choose as acceptable forms for new customers to verify themselves. There are many challenges and considerations, especially for global companies, with customers in different countries that each have different forms of ID. 

Here we give you some top tips to help….

Solution Series Profile iD

Solution Series: Profile iD and how social authentication boosts KYC

This is the first instalment of the Solution Series, where we share an overview of our key KYC & AML solutions. We begin with our flagship product Profile iD, which offers smart social authentication, from anywhere in the world, in seconds. 

This is everything you need to know in a nutshell, along with a product sheet available at the end of the blog…

Santa Fraud: How to avoid being scammed at Christmas

Santa Fraud: How to avoid being scammed at Christmas

This holiday season will be a joyous one, for criminals. The festive season is a busy money spending period, and that makes it easier for fraudsters to steal your money.

At Hello Soda we prevent fraud for global companies, but we thought it would be a nice present to share some simple tips (that you can share with friends and family) on how to protect yourselves from any scams. 

KYC for Letting Agents

The safe way to verify new tenants in seconds

In a recent blog we spoke about why letting agents need to verify new tenants to avoid fraud and financial losses. Here we tell you how it’s done, and why it’s the easiest and quickest method for new tenants, and the safest choice for you and your organisation. 

Letting agents and local authorities can benefit from better checks…

Residential Evil. Why letting agents need smart KYC to avoid trouble with tenants.

Property rental fraud is booming. Use of fake ID documents has surged after tenant referencing fees were banned. Traditional checks and references are too easy to get around. But there are cunning ways to avoid treacherous tenants. 

In this blog I talk about why property management companies, letting agents, and local authorities need smart KYC checks, and how we can help…. 

How to choose the right KYC provider

Finding the right supplier for any organisation is a challenge as there are many providers available on both a national and global level. Providers of KYC, KYB and AML solutions use both traditional and modern measures, but how do you know which one to choose?

In this article we explain what you need to look for in order to choose the right provider…

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