Team Talks Miruna - Data Science Intern

Meet Miruna, Data Science Intern at Hello Soda

An angelic and enthusiastic soul has graced the tech team at Hello Soda to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and to add further insights and depth to our data processing. While infusing the air with positivity and youthful curiosity she exemplifies our motto of making data more personal…  

Miruna has taken the time to tell us about herself and why she wanted to work for Hello Soda…

Dark Web - Hello Soda

The Dark Web: Is my data out there?

The Dark Web (which can also be referred to as “The Deep Web” or “The Invisible Web”) makes up at least 85% of the internet. With some sources stating that traditional search engines only see 0.03% of the entire web, we discuss the dark web data risks you need to know about and how you can prevent associated losses.

The Dark Web requires specific software, configurations, or authorisation to access in order to ensure complete anonymity, and transactions are made using currencies such as bitcoin.

Solution Series UtilityConnect

Solution Series: UtilityConnect and why real-time address verification is a game changer

This is the next installment of the Solution Series, where we share an overview of our key KYC & AML solutions. This time it’s our latest innovation, Utility Connect, which is the only global and automated customer address verification system in the world. 

This is what you need to know, and why it’s a game changer, along with a product sheet…

Team Talks - Jack Taylor Product Manager

Meet Jack, Product Manager at Hello Soda

Our creatively and technically gifted Product Manager, Jack Taylor, is responsible for product know-how, insights, and integration wisdom, as well as bringing features and benefits to life, and making everything easy to understand. In his spare time he plays the guitar like the ghost of Hendrix.  

Jack’s taken the time to tell us a bit about himself, and tell us why he loves our products…

Solution Series BioMatch

Solution Series: BioMatch and why biometrics make a big difference

This is the next installment of the Solution Series, where we share an overview of our key KYC & AML solutions. This time it’s BioMatch, which offers best-in-class facial authentication that takes seconds and can be used anywhere in the world. 

We explain how BioMatch works, why it’s best-in-class, and round things off with a downloadable product sheet…

Solution Series iDocufy

Solution Series: iDocufy and insights on automated document verification

This is the next installment of the Solution Series, where we share an overview of our key KYC & AML solutions. This time it’s iDocufy, which offers automated identity document verification, using software that can recognise and read any national ID document in the world, in seconds. 

This is everything you need to know, with a product sheet available to download at the end…

Gaming Webinar | Hello Soda

Ways To Improve Customer Experience And Why Live Utility Data Can Help

Delivering a smooth customer onboarding process whilst meeting regulations can be challenging for most gaming operators. How can you ensure a great UX whilst adhering to regulations?

Today we’re launching our ‘on-demand’ webinar which focuses on ways to improve the onboarding process for your customers using live utility data. Yes, that’s right, utility data.


How we verify any National ID Card in the world in seconds using iDocufy

Identity verification is becoming more important and enhanced around the world. Many customers are now required to verify photo ID and in many countries this is commonly a national ID Card (for example the NADRA national identity card of Pakistan). Our solution allows you to verify any ID card in the world in seconds.  

Here we tell you how we enable it using iDocufy

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