Team Talks with Simon Edmunds

Meet our Head of Sales, Simon Edmunds, who joined Hello Soda following a career in recruitment for over 7 years.

Tell us a bit about your background

Before joining Hello Soda, I worked in recruitment for over 7 years where I built my foundations for a career in sales. I have a competitive background of sports representing at county, regional and national level. I studied at Loughborough University before starting my sales journey!

What drew you to Hello Soda?

The product and business vision is like no other. I was given the chance to start and build a sales team with an innovative and ever-evolving global product. The passion, focus and drive of James (our CEO) and the Exec team is what keeps us motivated to keep achieving more. We have the most innovative and robust product and a product which will become the norm in years to come.

Tell us a bit more about your role at HS

Building and developing the sales team at Hello Soda covering everything from identifying new territories and markets, to working with the team to find, progress and close deals. Our main focus is on driving new logo acquisition and building a long term sustainable client base. Up-skilling and developing the sales team is one of my favourite parts and encouraging the team to go that one step further.

What’s your favourite thing about working at HS?

The drive and determination to succeed. We’re a solution based business and the flexibility to find the solution has no barriers. Every day is different and the talent we have, not only within the sales unit but the business as a whole, exceeds any business I have ever seen or been part of.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I spend a lot of time watching cartoons with my kids and the array of super powers cartoon characters have is incredible so it’s hard to choose just one, but I’d like a mixture of Flying and Super Human Intelligence.

Tell us a fact about yourself

At university I was part of a team of 3 who climbed a tower block as many times as it takes to get to the top of Mount Everest for charity – so in a way you could say I’ve climbed Mount Everest!

What’s your office song of choice?

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

Simon Edmunds
Sales Manager – UK & International

t: +44 (0)161 987 7632
m: +44 (0)7585 121 247

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