Team Talks with Leanne Fitzpatrick

Our wonderful Head of Data makes identity verification through alternative data possible. She’s the architect of ProfileiD, and frequently asked to speak at leading universities and industry events.

Based in Austin Texas, Leanne has taken a minute out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions…

Tell us a bit about your background?

Prior to joining Hello Soda (I’ve been here from the very start!) I was doing Advanced and Predictive Analytics for Credit Risk decisioning. I introduced a number of new scorecards and methodologies for the new verticals we were working in, so it was quite an exciting time. I used a lot of logistic regression and decision trees, and did a whole lot of data wrangling, so you would call that “data science” now. Prior to that I did a Masters in Financial Mathematics, which combined business, quantitative finance, stats, math and computer science, and before that a degree in Mathematics and Music!

What drew you to Hello Soda?

Opportunity. The opportunity to explore new data, use data in a different way and change the nature of how the market uses and perceives data, combined with the potential to help shape and grow something new was something I absolutely jumped at.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? 

Hmmm… Probably telekinesis. I really enjoyed the X-Men comics growing up, and Jean Grey’s abilities were cool (she was also telepathic), so I think I’ll go with that.

Can you tell us a fact about yourself?

I have my name on a bottle of whisky (I was selected to choose a specific bottling) – I believe there’s around 800 bottles of the whisky available.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role at HS?

As Head of Data, I and the data team look after all things data related, which is our data products (from models to dashboards), data analytics and architecting our data platform, and we’re responsible for maintaining, developing and improving all the models that our clients rely on for their decisioning insights. 

I am personally really proud of the in-house platform we’ve developed which enables the data team to easily release their models into our production system, whether they be written in R or Python. My role is pretty varied, as I get to be technically hands-on, right through to supporting clients and designing solutions.

What’s your office song of choice?

I find it difficult to concentrate to specific “songs” due to the focus I need (I get distracted by the lyrics) so I frequently listen to “Beats” type playlists. If I was to pick an office song, it’d be the Alt-J cover of Dancing in the Moonlight (although my favourite version is Thin Lizzy’s). The mellow beats in the track definitely help me to regain focus and feel refreshed!

What’s your favourite thing about working at HS?

The people who make up Hello Soda are awesome, and I really enjoy team meetings as there’s always a good bit of banter! I really love the fact we are pushing our production platform to make it best-in-class, which means lots of exposure and use of a fantastic technology stack to support our functionality. Also, I’m currently seconded, remote working from our Austin office, which is such a great opportunity for the size of business we are!


If you’d like to find out more about our products and how Leanne and the team use big data to verify identity anywhere in the world in seconds, then you can book a demo here, or you can get in touch with any general questions here


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