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We’re excited to attend and exhibit at Canada’s largest payments summit in just a few weeks’ time!

We can’t wait to see what The Summit has in store for us at Hello Soda, we will be present at the event at the Beanfield Centre in Toronto from 14-16 May 2019 at Stand 20– make sure you pop down and see us.


As mentioned in one of our previous blogs (find here), traditional verification processes aren’t cutting it anymore and businesses should be leveraging alternative data to gain the insights and confidence necessary for identity and age verification checks.

The digital age is changing every day and businesses need to move with the times to keep up-to-date with its demands. 75% of businesses want advanced authentication measures that have little or no impact on the digital customer experience – this is where our innovative solutions can help.

Leveraging a multi-pronged approach to analyse digital data in real-time (assessing the quality and quantity, as well as looking for corroborative data) can robustly verify identity quickly and efficiently all online with less friction than traditional methods.

Innovation is at the core of what we do at Hello Soda. Put your consumers first and stay ahead of the game with our innovative, robust and global solutions.

POP BY AND SEE US (Stand No 20)

We will be exhibiting throughout the entire event, showing off our new identity verification products, including Profile iD – come along to take a look at how our robust and global products work with our interactive walkthroughs.

We can’t wait to hear all the great talks by industry experts, meet some fantastic people, and see what The Summit has to offer this year. Let’s catch up to discuss the future of the digital money and payments industries.

Get in touch today to book a meeting with the team, or simply pop by Stand No 20 for a coffee and a chat about how we can help to improve your AML, KYC and identity verification solutions.

See you in Canada!

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