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Here at Hello Soda, we’re proud of our innovative single API platform, Sodium, serving our complete suite of automated KYC, AML & Anti-Fraud solutions.

In this post we will explore how our integrated product offering works, and why it sets us apart…

What is Sodium?

With a wealth of different identity verification and fraud prevention services available, it can quickly become complex to manage multiple integrations from different providers towards a common goal.

But, what if you could access a comprehensive family of KYC and AML solutions all working together and delivered via a single API integration, anywhere in the world? 

Introducing Sodium, our global ID, KYC & AML platform. Sodium delivers a complete suite of Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention solutions via a single API. This solution enables all data sources to be cross-referenced and deliver truly enhanced customer due diligence.

How does it work?

Comprising a comprehensive and market-leading ID and fraud prevention product suite, Sodium is designed to help save you time and money, streamline your customer journey, automate your onboarding process, reduce fraud and achieve regulatory compliance.

A unique and real-time ID scoring system intelligently verifies identity through a combination of data sources, including digital footprint verification, document authentication, facial recognition matching, liveness verification, live utility data address verification and CRA identity checks.

Sodium’s AML and fraud prevention toolset also equips your business with PEPs and sanctions screening, dark web fraud detection and customer contact validation.

Whether you’re looking to perform one ID check or many, Sodium makes this easy. All our solutions seamlessly integrate into your website, mobile app or application form via a single API:

What are the benefits?

Sodium brings our comprehensive family of KYC and AML solutions together and delivers them via a single API integration so;

  • There is no need to manage multiple integrations from different providers.
  • This approach saves time and resource and can help future-proof your business with the ability to switch on additional services as your requirements change.
  • Traditional checks, such as using credit history mean that many good customers are turned away. A vast number of millennials do not have CRA data so if this source is used, they are rejected.
  • Equally in countries with thin files, where traditional data does not exist or is scarce, our product offering can be used to qualify and verify new customers.

This integrated approach helps increase pass rates in countries all over the world, verifying identities using a number of data sources, which in turn increases revenue, increases customer acquisition with real-time onboarding and creates a better customer experience. One simple integration; a flexible 360° solution which is scalable and secure.

How can we help?

Utilise a single element or multiple processes – it’s entirely up to you. Learn more about how we can help to automate and simplify your verification processes to help you to learn more about your customers. 

Book a demo today and see for yourself how powerful our suite of solutions are.

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